Proof of the Afterlife ~ Recording of a Woman Speaking to Her Dead Son

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Proof of life after death - A dead man talks to his mother

Evidence of Life After Death
In 1944, Michael Rodney Fearon was killed in World War II. His mother came to Leslie Flint and spoke to Michael repeatedly beginning in 1954. Three recordings of the conversations exist. The fact that Mrs. Fearon came repeatedly and had intimate conversations with her son is evidence that Michael continued to live after his body ceased to function.
Michael Rodney Fearon
Michael Rodney Fearon was born November 30, 1916, to Frank and Alice Fearon in Mayfield, Sussex, England. According to the archivist at Taunton School, Somerset, Michael Fearon joined the faculty in September 1938 and . . .

Proof of life after death - A dead man talks to his mother
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