Carl Jung Understood That We Are All One at the Unconscious Level

Jung knew our minds are one

Our minds have a screen of awareness that is constantly being filled with new thoughts, experiences, intuitions, and sensory impressions. It is never the same from moment to moment. 

The person we are is made up of experiences we can recall into conscious awareness because of our past experiences. We call these memories. But what we bring in from our unconscious is much greater than just memories. We bring in skills, attitudes, fears, desires, intuitions, personality traits, and all the rest of what makes us individuals. 

But at even deeper level, there are thoughts, sentiments, beliefs, traits, and understandings that come from a collective unconscious. Jung suggested humankind has this body of collective features that influence all of us. This matches the idealist ontology that states we are all one in Our Universal Intelligence. Because we are all one, all the thoughts, memories, skills, and other features of who we are that are characteristic of another person are available to us. We just have to know how to access them.

For more, read There Is Nothing But Mind and Experiences.

The video that follows explains Jung’s conceptions of the unconscious and collective unconscious.

Jung knew our minds are one

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