It Is Common for Information Learned During Medium Readings to Turn Out to Be True

Medium readings are valid

It is common for medium readings to include information unknown to the observers or the person being read. The information is later verified, showing that the medium is receiving information about people living in the life after this life; it is not coming from reading living people’s Minds.

In one account, an extended chess game was played by a living grand master (Viktor Korchnoi) and a deceased chess master (Maroczy) through medium Robert Rollans. At one point a researcher asked Maroczy, through Rollans, about a detail that would verify that it really was the deceased chess master coming through. The researcher had found an article stating that Maroczy in 1930 had played a match against a player called Romi. So he asked Maroczy whether he had defeated an Italian named Romi in a match. Maroczy replied that he didn’t recognize that name, but he did defeat a man named Romih, spelled with an “h” on the end of the name. The researcher delved further and found an actual program from the match. The name was in fact Romih, not Romi.[i] The revelation demonstrated that Maroczy was alive and mentally capable although his body was dead.

[i] Michael Tymn, “Ghost stories: Ghost loses chess match,” All About Paranormal, September 1, 2008, https://

Medium readings are valid

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