Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?

Pets Go to Heaven But Don’t Have Spiritual Lessons to Learn on Earth | Seek Reality

If there is one question that we are asked more frequently than any other, it might be whether our pets are in the afterlife. Some people lead with a personal challenge: “If my dogs can’t be there, then I’m not going!” We understand how they feel. A heaven without our animal friends would not be a heaven at all, so we are glad to report that every animal that we ever have loved is waiting for us in a beautiful eternity where love never ends. There are many things about the afterlife that we can say are likely, based on nearly two hundred years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence. This is one thing, though, of which there is no doubt.

Pets Go to Heaven But Don’t Have Spiritual Lessons to Learn on Earth

Pets are of a fundamentally different spiritual nature than human beings. We have seen messages from channeled entities saying that animals, whether or not they are domesticated, are of a generally “purer” nature, and these natures are unique to each kind of animal. When creatures die in the wild, or when domestic animals die without a close human bond, they return to what is sometimes called a “group soul” that is specific to their species. However, when any kind of non-human creature develops a love-bond with a person, that also develops an individual identity and enters the human afterlife as a young and healthy version of itself. Your pet might stay with members of your human family who have gone on before you, but it is more likely that it will stay in a group home and play with other dogs or cats while it waits for you to come and retrieve it. Since there is no sense of time passing there, it will seem to your pet as if no time has passed at all before you come to take him home with you!

All the Animals We Ever Loved Will Are in Heaven Waiting for Us

You can immediately see a problem. People who enjoy their animal companions will love many cats or dogs or birds in their lifetimes, and the evidence suggests that all of them are going to be waiting for their human friends. There are early-twentieth-century communications where someone who has been in Heaven for a while complains about the mob of dogs and cats that greeted a new arrival, and nothing would do but that she first must pat every one of them before her human loved ones could get near enough to hug her!

Even Farm and Circus Animals Are in the Afterlife

It isn’t only our beloved house pets that are in heaven, but farm and circus animals that have been loved by a human being likewise develop independent minds sufficient for them to be waiting for us in heaven. Many families have compounds there that will continue through generations, and often these will be farms that will include farm animals or even circus performers. And of course, it goes without saying that here indeed the lion does lie down with the lamb.

Sometimes Our Animals Will be Among the Deathbed Visitors Who Help Us Transition

Reports of dogs and cats appearing at deathbeds are common. Your deathbed visitors are going to be the loved ones that you are most likely to want to follow from your deathbed, so even if you transition in your nineties, if you were very close to a cat in childhood, she might well be among those who come for you. One early-twentieth-century hermit who had trusted no human being in life reportedly was met at his deathbed by a big white cart-horse that he must at some point have especially loved.

Our Beloved Pets in the Afterlife Will Give Us Signs They Are There

Our pets in the afterlife often give us post-death signs and communications. A familiar bark or meow, a rub against a leg, or a cold nose against an arm: these are frequent little signs. Animals that had slept on our beds will sometimes continue to do that, so we might be reading or watching TV and we will distinctly feel our pet jump up onto the bed and then see and feel the little paw-indentations as our beloved furry friend walks to her sleeping place, where we will see and feel the greater indentation as she curls to sleep beside our feet. Full-blown visions of animals are rare, but they can happen, too. Roberta’s most extraordinary animal communication was a visitation dream from her horse. There was Beau in harness in front of her, pulling the cart in which they had enjoyed exploring the dirt roads near their home. He was trotting along happily, and she was in rapture. The only problem with driving a horse is the bugs in your teeth because you can’t stop grinning. Then they had, one after another, three encounters with diesel eighteen-wheelers that had no business being on wilderness roads! Each time, as the truck bore down on them, Roberta steered Beau into the roadside bushes and fast jumped out of the cart to hug his head against her chest so he wouldn’t bolt as the truck roared past them. As the third truck – perhaps his death – was approaching, she woke up. That had been a communication dream, but what had it meant? In minutes, she knew. They had moved twice during his lifetime, and Beau was thanking her that he had been kept safe during both of the moves of his life and gently cared for until he died. After that dream, Roberta decided that she won’t ride or drive a horse again until they are reunited in heaven and she can have bugs in her teeth forevermore. The fact that simply being loved by a person can give an animal an independent existence is one more indication of two things that the afterlife evidence consistently tells us. Our minds are integral parts of the eternal and infinitely creative Mind that brings forth the universe. And of every power that exists, by far the greatest power is love.