Alfred Higgins Describes Getting Messages through to People from the Afterlife

This is the voice of Alfred Higgins, who spoke  to George Woods and Betty Greene at this Leslie Flint seance in 1963. Alf was a painter and decorator who died in a hospital after a fall from a ladder, and he explains how he first tried to communicate with his grieving wife from the afterlife.


Transcript of Alfred Higgins Speaking

The next thing I knew I was standing in our kitchen and I was watching my wife. She was standing over the sink peeling some potatoes and I thought, “Well, this is funny.” So I thought, “Well I don’t know, I wonder if she knows I’m here,” and I called her name. She didn’t say nothing. She didn’t hear me, obviously.

So my friend says, “She won’t hear you, you know.” So I says, “Well I don’t know. What could I do?”

So he says, “There’s nothing you could do. But she may sense your presence. You never know. Let’s just wait a little while.”

So I just stood there and I concentrated.

He says to me, “Concentrate your thought on her. Just think hard, you know. Think as hard as you can. Think her name.”

And I did and all of a sudden she stood up and she dropped down the… dropped down the knife and the potato she was peeling and she looked round. Looked proper bewildered, she looked. She looked almost scared and I felt rather sorry in a way that I’d scared her, because I realized it must have been me trying to get at her, you know. Anyway, oh, she just flew out of that kitchen. She opened the door and then she sort of shut it again and then she sat down and then she put her head on the table and started to cry. And I felt awful about this. I thought, “Oh dear, now this is terrible.”

And he says to me, “Don’t worry. She senses. She feels. She knows in herself. She doesn’t understand yet, but she knows in herself that you’re near her.”

So I says, “Well, if I’m going to make her miserable like this, there’s not much point, is there?”

So he says, “Don’t let that worry you. This often happens to people. They don’t know with any certainty. They’ve never been told about life after death. They’ve never been told about the possibility of communication and all that sort of thing. But she’ll come … she senses … she feels and she in herself, deep down inside, she knows.”