What the Dead Can Teach Us about Unfinished Business

James van Praagh proof of afterlife communication

James van Praagh’s book is a marvelous set of explanations of our lives and our afterlives. In his writings, James van Praagh shares that he has gained a wealth of knowledge about how to live life from the spirit world, and he is constantly amazed by the wisdom they have to offer. For over 25 years, James has shared stories and insights from the spirits through his books and demonstrations, but he is often disappointed that their guidance is not always taken to heart by the living. Although people may be impressed when he accurately relays evidential details such as names and death scenarios, they tend to disregard the advice that the spirits offer.

This is a paraphrase of what James wrote in the preface to his book. When people pass away and shed their physical bodies, they gain a new perspective on life. It’s like they’ve undergone Lasik surgery, and they can see everything more clearly. Spirits understand the reason why certain situations occurred, and they recognize the value of others, even those who may have been perceived as enemies. They also understand what they could have done differently to avoid making mistakes, such as letting their ego get in the way. Once they cross over into the light, spirits are eager to share their newfound knowledge with the living, and James feels privileged to have received their wisdom and guidance.

Many of us tend to obsess over the past, ruminating over what we could have done differently. We have regrets about our jobs, families, finances, decisions, and overall happiness. However, we need to realize that the only power we have is in the present moment, and it will impact our future. James notes that society has become less self-responsible and more inclined to blame others or even God for misfortune. When faced with tragedy, we tend to feel angry and guilty, rather than seeing the opportunity to create good from it. We replay emotional dramas from our past, thinking that life will magically change without us changing our mindset. To break this cycle, we need to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, recognizing that our thoughts have power and that our present life is a result of them.

By utilizing the guidance of the spirits in our everyday lives, we can begin to transform conflict into peace and anger into kindness. James emphasizes that forgiving, even when it is difficult, and pushing through our fears to pursue our dreams are key steps towards personal growth. We must accept responsibility for our mistakes and turn grief into accomplishments. Our spiritual friends want us to live loving lives, to have our needs met, to express ourselves as unique beings, and to contribute to life.

In closing, James reminds us that we have taken a step in the right direction by reading his book, and that spiritual guidance is present on every page. He encourages us to go beyond what we already know, to embark on an empowered journey, and to claim a life filled with love, contentment, and happiness.

James van Praagh proof of afterlife communication

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