How Can I Be Happy?

From Answers to Life’s Enduring Questions, by R. Craig Hogan.

We have been blessed with all we need to grow into the person we enrolled in Earth School to become.

These are the conditions for developing into the person we enrolled in Earth School to become:

  1. Be open to examining our beliefs and assumptions about life and adopting new beliefs.
  2. Realize we are spiritual beings having an Earth School experience.
  3. Know we are expressions of Our Universal Intelligence with all its qualities.
  4. Realize our loved ones are alive and happy, although living in another location.
  5. Know we have control over who we are and what we feel.
  6. Feel the desire to become a loving, compassionate, other-centered person
  7. Know we can change our lives to be filled with love, peace, and joy.
  8. Know how the person we want to become differs from who we are now.
  9. Face negative feelings and understand them and the interpretations that give rise to them.
  10. Learn to feel, hear, and trust the guidance from our loved ones, guides, and others.
  11. Learn to act upon the guidance we’re given.
  12. Learn who we are and to love ourselves.
  13. Learn to be a loving, compassionate, other-centered person.
  14. Have periods of relaxation, separation from daily life, and meditation.
  15. Learn to understand our feelings
  16. Fill our lives with experiences imbued with love, peace, and joy.
  17. Learn to be happy with no reason for it.
  18. Triumph and enjoy the success.
  19. Help others as they learn, grow, and enjoy life.