A Woman Guides Herself into a Connection with Her Twin Brother in Spirit

How to have self-guided afterlife communication
A woman describes one of her Self-Guided Afterlife Connections experiences.
I met my twin brother Kevin tonight; although I’ve had vague images of him in the past and have always felt him close by, I’ve never seen him up close like I did tonight. He has longer reddish brown hair that is parted in the center and reaches his chin in various similar lengths. He has a short beard and moustache. He looks like my dad, but he also looks like me. His eyes are blue like my dad’s, and yet although I got my mother’s darker looks and eyes, we have similar features. He is taller than me; he is about six foot one, and he leans over a little. We hugged each other. He’s tall and reedy as a man, similar to my father. He was wearing a blue cotton shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. We met at the picnic table on Deer Island. He looks about mid-20’s. He sees me as I am now, in my mid- 50’s and yet I don’t feel that age meeting him; I feel as if we are on par.

I told him it was so good to see him. We sat on the top of the picnic table, him to my left, and we held hands, my left hand holding his right hand. I told him that I’ve missed him all my life, even though I’ve felt his presence often. He told me that he’s always with me. I asked him about when we could be together again, when it would happen. He told me that it would happen, but that he could not elaborate why. He told me that there is knowledge in Spirit that, if I knew it now in my mortal form, it would “blow my mind”; that there are things that those in spirit simply cannot reveal to those of us in mortal form while we are here, but that ‘it will all make sense’ when we cross over.

I am left with an impression that just this first meeting is all I can have tonight and I come out of the meeting with deep emotion; the image fades immediately. I feel tears on my cheeks to have actually held my brother’s hand and to have hugged him. I miss him so much. I haven’t seen him since I was one day old; he is my twin, my other half.

Having gone through these steps, I go immediately into contact as soon as I begin the countdown from 20 to 1.

It is wonderful being able to “be there”; I want to keep going and to more deeply into these experiences and hopefully have them last longer. I keep seeming to get segments of info from loved ones, like little chapters, before the contact is cut off, sometimes instantly.

How to have self-guided afterlife communication

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