Life in the Afterlife (Part 3)

We have returned to the afterlife at Level Three, which is the lowest of three beautiful aggregate Summerland levels. Now begins an infinity of time in which we can do an infinite number of things! But before we explore what the afterlife has to offer, let’s first acclimate ourselves again to what it feels like to be at home in the world that we had almost forgotten, which is suddenly familiar to us again as the place that we left to take our brief lifetime on earth. This really is a whole new world! And our lives here are going to be very different. For example:
  • We have resumed our greater minds, time doesn’t pass, and we never need to sleep. After a lifetime on earth during which our minds and our ability to learn and to think were limited, during which we were half-sleepy half the time and we had to live by the clock, having those three limitations suddenly gone makes us feel immensely powerful. Initially our home base is in Level Three of the afterlife, where the family compounds are located, and we enjoy reconnecting with friends from this past earth-lifetime and from other earth-lifetimes as well. And just the loosening of the mental and temporal restraints of the life just ended is the first and most amazing thing that we are likely to notice!
  • The matter and our bodies here are very different from the matter on earth. We are surprised to realize how different the matter in the afterlife and in the astral plane that surrounds it really is from the matter that exists on earth. The afterlife matter is light, strong, colorful, and seemingly indestructible, with a density that is something like living alabaster. Our bodies are young and beautiful, and are usually but not always patterned after the way we looked in our most recent earth-lifetime at about the age of thirty. It is up to us. These new bodies are energetic, athletic, and indestructible, which is an especially lovely change for those of us who died in old age! Nothing ever decays, and leaves and petals never fall.
  • We have wonderfully enhanced sensory abilities. Even those of us who might have been blind or deaf on earth can see and hear perfectly in the afterlife and in the astral plane. And we don’t need organs of sight and hearing, since we are seeing and hearing with our minds, and much more clearly. Our Mindsight is almost 360 degrees, so we are seeing to both sides as well as to the front and above and perfectly clearly as much as fifty earth-miles away. Our Mindhearing, especially of music, is as clear and sharp as crystal. We also can see the music as colors and shapes forming over the orchestra as it plays.
  • Energies are very different here. All the plants and trees, the water, and even the very air we breathe are wonderfully alive, and they give off energies which provide all the nourishment our bodies ever need. The trees and flowers and the sky are in colors never seen on earth because they are beyond the visible light spectrum. Flowers as tall as people will turn their faces to us as we pass, and when we put our faces into theirs and breathe, we breathe in not just gorgeous scents, but also nourishment. Trees will reach and stroke and love us. The water looks like water but it feels like silk, and we can walk into it fully clothed and come out of it dry and nourished. We don’t need to eat or drink but may do so if we enjoy the experience.
This is the third of several posts about the glorious post-death world that awaits us all!

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