Program Teaches Children How to See Blindfolded

An online series of training programs teaches children how to see while blindfolded. The originator is a company called Omni Universe, developed by Caroline Cory.
This is the description of the first training program from the their website.
BLINDFOLD PERCEPTION For Kids 4-14 (Group 1)

This is an audio-visual recording of a 4-part online series. Activate and accelerate your child’s growth and development with the Blindfold Training “InfoVision.” There are no prerequisites for this practice except an open mind, and a desire to awaken your innate “Superhuman Skills” and the success of this practice depends on each individual child’s desire to learn and practice.  

This technique helps with the following:

  • Improved confidence in their daily life and undiscovered talents.
  • Ability to read and navigate with the blindfolds.
  • Activate your child’s intuitive abilities
  • Increased creative abilities.
  • Better concentration and focus.
  • Visualization skills 
  • Reduced need to wear glasses.
You can see a video describing the training at this link.

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