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Where do you get your
information from?

Everything we write comes from statements by people now living in the life after this life. They have spoken through all types of mediums: mental, physical, trance, automatic writers, and other mediums. The statements the residents of the next life make are corroborated by others living in the afterlife. We do not rely on gurus, religions, or others who are giving individual opinions of what life is like in the next life.

Why did you form Seek
Reality Online

Roberta Grimes and Craig Hogan had been writing books, holding conferences, presenting podcasts, writing blogs, speaking to groups, and otherwise endeavoring to communicate to all who will listen the truths of the life after this life and afterlife communication. In 2022, they decided that to reach the most people, they should develop Seek Reality Online, a single source of the information we have about life, death, and the afterlife. They decided to make it a subscription service so they could use the financing to fund other efforts to reach people.

What is the relationship to the
Afterlife Research and Education
Institute, Inc.

Roberta and Craig are two of the founders of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute. The Institute was founded to give support to the researchers, developers, and educators who are learning about the life after this life and communicating it to humankind. Since then, the Institute developed Greater Reality Publications, held four conferences on the afterlife, developed the European arm of the Institute, funded efforts by researchers who are making breakthroughs in afterlife communication, and networked researchers. Seek Reality Online supports the Afterlife Research and Education Institute and intends to fund it as Seek Reality Online memberships increase.

What Are the Ways Seek Reality
Online Is Reaching People with
Its Message?

Seek Reality Online is developing blogs, presenting interviews through Roberta’s Seek Reality podcasts, writing articles, publishing books, developing videos, and performing other activities to help people learn the truth about our nature as spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Does Seek Reality Online Have
Any Evidence We Live After the
Body Dies?

There is abundant proof we do not die. We experience a transition from this life to the next, but there is no experience or event in which we as individuals either cease to exist or even have a dramatic change in who we are. We continue who we are through eternity. The Seek Reality Online website has articles, videos, blogs, and podcasts with all the evidence it is impossible for us to stop existing; we will never die.

Can I Talk with Someone About
the Afterlife and Afterlife

Seek reality online has regular Zoom groups with discussions about the afterlife and afterlife communication. We invite you to submit questions we can answer. The Zoom group schedules are on the website.