What Happens at the Moment Someone Makes the Transition to the Next Life?

There is life after death

When your body dies, you will just have a change of focus. You were focused on the room or bed or highway where you transitioned from the body; then suddenly you have a change of focus to being outside of your body looking down or you awaken in a room with your family or you awaken in a recovery area. Whatever happens, you just were experiencing there and suddenly now you’re experiencing here—it is just a change of focus.

It may seem that something has ceased to exist at the transition, but the person simply is changing attunement to another reality in the Mind of Our Universal Intelligence. It is much like our change of focus from computing our taxes to being interrupted by the phone ringing and talking with a close friend. When we’re doing our taxes, we don’t have our friend in mind at all. When we’re talking to our friend, we don’t have the taxes in mind at all. It’s as though we are in two different awarenesses. We have just changed focus.

During our lifetimes we focus on having experiences with everyone else in our Earth School lives. It has only been a focus, however, not a location in space or time within a world that exists apart from Our Universal Intelligence. At the transition, we simply change focus to another set of experiences with the people we love and others.

When you go through the transition, you merely stop having experiences using the Earth School body. You do continue to have experiences—because your Mind never was in the body. A variety of experiences happen at the time of the transition, depending on the person. The transition is always easy and painless.

At the moment the earth body stops functioning, the person ceases to have body experiences. The person has not changed. The person’s experiences are different. Those who have made the transition all remark how easy the transition is. The transition is always painless. For those who experience a catastrophic death, there may be a brief coma or period of unconsciousness during which the event takes place, or the person may suddenly be standing next to the lifeless body with no experience or recollection of the separation itself.[i] There are accounts of people being taken away from an impending disaster and watching it happen from the safety of a lofty position. For those who have made the transition after a period of declining health, the individual is greeted by people in spirit as the transition occurs. All fear or anxiety dissolves and a profound peace comes over the person.

There are many accounts of floating out of the body in the moments after the body is abandoned. Some of the descriptions note a snapping of what seem to be strings attaching the person’s spirit to the body.

People near the body often describe phenomena in the room: a sudden light, at times blinding; a white, grey, or blue-white “soul mist” coming up from the body; a vaporous body shape with the features of the transitioning person; a silver or grey cord or many threads from the body connecting to the vaporous body shape that dissolve or snap; the vaporous body rising and disappearing into a corner of the room; and the vision of loved ones who have come to escort the person from the earth realm. Some report seeing a transfer of energy from the physical body to the new, separate body, called an etheric body, life-body, subtle body, vital body, astral body, or spirit body that is a duplicate of the physical body. The spirit seems to move toward the head and exit from the top of the head, although some have described witnessing some vaporous form exiting from the solar plexus.

[i] Crookall, The Supreme Adventure, 174.

There is life after death

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