Life in the Afterlife (Part 1)

what is life like in heaven

We enter these lifetimes on earth primarily to experience negativity and other spiritual stressors, and to push against them and learn to rise above them all so we can more effectively grow spiritually. Fear is the most negative emotion, so at our stage of spiritual development, for many of us growing spiritually primarily means raising our personal consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. Since the base fear is the fear of death, the most effective thing that we can do to improve the lot of humankind on earth is to share with as many people as possible the glorious certainty that human life really is eternal, and every one of us is perfectly loved! The people who have gone ahead of us are happier, busier, and much more alive than anyone on earth is now. And they don’t actually miss us much at all, because it is an especially joyous part of the way that the physics of the afterlife works that those who have gone ahead are able to look in on us whenever they like. They do miss being with us on the same plane and all the exciting things we did together while in bodies. But they are not sad or upset about it. They know we’ll be able to have even more wonderful experiences when we go to join them in a short time.

We have learned a great deal about the afterlife to which all of us will soon return. Putting aside near-death experiences (NDEs), which have nothing to do with actual death, we have received many hundreds of communications from people who have actually died and have communicated with their loved ones on earth through physical mediums, the best of which communications were received in the latter part of the nineteenth century and the first third of the twentieth century. By now these and other high-quality communications have been studied extensively, and every open-minded researcher has reached essentially the same conclusions. There really are not at this point any more significant questions to be answered. Not only do we survive our deaths, but our lives once we have dropped these physical bodies turn out to be a glorious time! In what we think of as the afterlife, love is the light and the air we breathe, the weather is perfect and night doesn’t fall, neither money nor scarcity ever exists, travel and creation are largely by mind, and the various kinds of fun to be had are limited just by our own imaginations.

Nearly everyone enters the afterlife at Level Three, which is the lowest of the beautiful Summerland aggregate levels. Level Three includes the family compounds where most of us reunite with loved ones, and it includes the great public buildings where many of us will have our life-review meetings. Level Three also includes hospitals, some of which look like traditional hospitals but most of which are great open pavilions, beautiful retreats surrounded by and filled with flowers where we can receive whatever help we need to heal whatever damage we may have suffered in our earth-lives just ended.

Those who begin their post-death lives in these hospital oases of love-based care might have died of a long-term illness, in battle, under torture, or simply in the throes of some negative emotion. They might have been distorted by some cult or hardened by criminality; or for any reason, they might have been especially battered by their earth-lives just ended. Whether we will need to do this sort of post-death recuperation and counseling is something our guides will decide for us, and while we are hospitalized this way, we won’t be able to communicate with our loved ones on earth. Fortunately, though, outside of time our healing should take a few earth-months at most. And then, when we are fit and ready, we will embark upon the post-death events that those who haven’t needed such help were able to begin as soon as they arrived.

This is the first of several posts about the glorious post-death world that awaits us all!

what is life like in heaven

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