Attorney Learns How to Connect with Her Sons in the Afterlife

Journey to the Upper Realm Meditation for afterlife communication
How to communicate with children who have died
How to communicate with children who have died

On June 21, 2011, Maria Pe experienced the unimaginable—the murder of her two teenaged sons, Sean and Kyle, by their own father.  In her struggle to survive the overwhelming loss, Maria embarked on a profound spiritual journey to find her sons and continue her relationship with them.  Well-educated and trained as an attorney, Maria was skeptical, but she began learning everything she could about the afterlife, meditating, and keeping a journal. 

Starting with simple meditations and opening herself to the possibilities of existence beyond the physical body, Maria learned how to connect with Sean and Kyle through her “journeys” to the Upper Realm.  With her sons’ help and encouragement, Maria not only survived her tragic experience, but learned how to embrace life on Earth again.

Maria shows us that we all have the ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side and to learn and receive guidance from them.  And through her story, Maria shows us that from unbearable pain and loss can come self-discovery and the strength and courage to continue life’s journey.

Maria I. Pe was born in Manila, Philippines, and raised in the San Diego area.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and her law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law.  She has practiced law and worked in business and government for 30 years.  She currently works in local government.

The author’s profits from book sales will be donated to the Sean & Kyle Imagine Fund.  Visit the website at for more information about Sean and Kyle, and to learn about the projects that promote their ideals of peace, love, excellence, and integrity.  The book is also available for FREE in pdf or Kindle versions on the website.

An excerpt from her book describing one of her visits to the upper realm follows.

Today’s meditation journal—Journey to the Upper Realm

Started in the meadow. It was very bright. The sun was shining, the grass was green and tall, and there were butterflies all around. I walked down to the well. I felt youthful, having the sense of a young mother. I recalled sensations of welcoming my sons into the world. I held my hand out over the well, and a ball of bright yellow/white energy hovered above them. I dropped it down into the well and when it hit bottom, light shot up into the sky. Everything turned a white light, almost translucent. I turned and walked up the path to the tree trunk. Panther came out and Tiger with him. I had met Tiger in the Animal Realm.

They walked with me up the path to the cliff and I got onto the cloud. They followed. We rose up into the sky, which was dark like space, but sparkling with stars and lights. We got to the Upper Realm and they got off the cloud first, then me. We walked around the clearing and met Michael on the other side. He looked at Tiger and seemed to say, “Oh, you brought another friend. Very nice.” We continued on to the sanctuary.

Panther and Tiger lay down on the grass off to the side. I waited, looking at the mist, and a few seconds later, the boys emerged and Dillon was with them, staying close to Kyle. They walked over to me and said, “Hi Mom!” “Hi, guys!” We hugged briefly. Then Kyle took off into the grass area with Dillon. They were playing, running, and jumping, and Kyle was flipping.
Sean stood close to me with his arm around my shoulder. “Look how tall you are now,” I said to him. He smiled. He had his head leaning on mine and there was a sense of his protecting me, taking care of me. “I am always watching over you, Mom, just like this.” “Thank you, Honey. I know. I feel you.”

We stood watching Kyle and Dillon, enjoying their playfulness and energy. After a little while, Kyle came over and put his arms around my waist and held me tightly while Sean stayed close on my right side. He rubbed Kyle’s head playfully, and Kyle said, “Hey!” They laughed.
Then they said, “Let’s take Mom for a ride.” I said, “OK, but not too high. You know I am a chicken.” “We’ve got you, Mom.” They lifted me up into the air and we floated around the sanctuary, not too high. We floated over to Michael. Sean said, “Hey Michael, isn’t my mom doing great?” Michael nodded, smiled and said, “Yes, wonderfully, wonderfully.” We floated around to the other edge of the sanctuary where Dillon had lain down with Panther and Tiger.

Kyle said, “Come on Dillon, it’s time to go.” Dillon got up and walked over to Kyle. We all walked to the edge of the mist. The boys turned to me and hugged me. “See you later, Mom. I love you, Mom. Love you, Mom.” “I love you my angels.” They both smiled at that. Then I did too, realizing how accurate that title was for them. I used to call them “angel” when I put them to bed. I would say, “Goodnight, Angel.” They truly are now.

I watched as they disappeared into the mist. Then I turned and walked over to Panther and Tiger and they got up and we walked over to Michael. We walked back to the garden. Then Michael left us. We walked back to the cloud and got on. Tiger sat next to me and Panther was at my feet. We went back down to the cliff edge and got off the cloud, them first, then me. I walked with them down the path. Then the two of them “hugged” me and went down the tree trunk.

I walked back to the meadow and stood for a few moments taking in the beauty, and marveling at the feeling. It was so beautiful, so peaceful, such an amazing reality. But I knew I had to return to my body and the physical plane. I came back slowly, then opened my eyes.

From Maria Pe, Journey to the Upper Realm: How I Survived the Deaths of My Sons and Learned to Communicate With Them on the Other Side.

Journey to the Upper Realm Meditation for afterlife communication

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