Psychotherapist Guides Woman into an Afterlife Connection with Her Mother

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication

Rochelle Wright, a Washingtoni-state licensed psychotherapist, learned  how to help people have their own afterlife connections with loved ones while they sit quietly, comfortably, and peacefully in her office. All the psychotherapist does is to guide the experiencer into the frame of mind that will allow the afterlife connection to occur naturally. The psychotherapist doesn’t act as a medium and doesn’t make the afterlife connection happen.

The procedure uses bilateral stimulation, in which the left and right sides of the brain are stimulated alternately.  It uses two senses for the stimulation: auditory, by having music alternate in volume between left and right speakers of a set of headphones, and visual, with the psychotherapist having the client rhythmically move his or her eyes in a motion rather like the eye movement in deep REM sleep.

After a short period of this bilateral stimulation, the clients close their eyes and have experiences.  When the experience ends, the clients open their eyes and tell the psychotherapist what they experienced. The psychotherapist repeats the process for the remainder of the session.  In 95% to 98% of the sessions, the procedure results in a life-changing afterlife connection. 

To date, over 30 psychotherapists have learned the procedure and are using it successfully with clients.  Following are actual accounts from the psychotherapists’ notes, printed here with the clients’ permission.

The process of the clients’ having the bilateral stimulation through eye movements and audio, closing their eyes, and having experiences is referred to in the accounts that follow as “the procedure.”

Account of a Woman's Guided Afterlife Connection

Connie, an RN, had a Guided Afterlife Connection session to connect with her mother, Fern, who transitioned from Earth in 1995 at the age of 79. This is the account from the book Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy
“My mother was a strong woman, the leader of our family,” Connie began. “She was a perfectionist; everything in the house had to be perfect. I could never do anything good enough. Mother was a big, scary person to me as I grew up. My thoughts didn’t matter, so I could never talk her out of anything. She ended up divorcing Dad after 41 years of marriage.

“When I was 13 and she was in her fifties, she was going through menopause and had episodes of severe depression. She eventually went into the hospital for the depression, where they gave her electric shock treatments that did her some damage. When she came home, she was a changed person. She couldn’t even cut her own meat. She lay on the couch for several years, severely depressed. With Mom incapacitated, my sister and I had to take over the family and keep it going.

“Then, one day while she was in a manic period, she fell asleep while driving, crashed into a tree, and broke both her ankles. Following that, she had abdominal surgery and then broke her hip. Eventually, she died in a rehabilitation center.

“I didn’t go to my mom’s funeral. I didn’t have the money to travel the long distance from where I was living then, but I really didn’t want to go. I had mixed feelings about my mom. She was harsh, mean, and manipulative sometimes. I had no doubt that she loved me, but I didn’t get expressions of love. I was criticized and attacked a lot. I didn’t like her constant yelling at me. To this day, when I get upset I can’t hear what people are saying because it was so traumatic being yelled at and criticized all the time. In fact, I was nervous about coming to the session today. The thought of encountering my mother was frightening. I kept thinking, will she attack me? Will she criticize me? I hope I have a good encounter with her and not a frightening one.

“Intellectually, I have forgiven her, but emotionally, I have resentments about the constant criticism she gave out. But all the good things I have—my character, drive, motivation, ability to feel for people and get along with people—all the good life skills, I learned from my mother. “

After Connie finished telling me about her mother, we began the Guided Afterlife Connection protocol. We started with the memory she rated with the highest number on the 10-point Subject Units of Distress Scale (SUDS). She said it was a 10+++++. It was when her mom came back from the hospital after the electric shocks and everything had changed. Connie and her sister had to take over the family.

When she opened her eyes after the first procedure, Connie said, “I am irritated. I am mad. I didn’t have any control over what happened to me with my mother. Now my roof is leaking, my furnace doesn’t work. I’m angry.” Connie was sighing and breathing deeply, releasing pent up energy that she had been carrying. “I am mad. I don’t know what to do. I have no control. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

During the second procedure, the afterlife connection began. When Connie opened her eyes, she said, “I saw Dennis, my boyfriend who died in February, waving at me.“ She was sighing and releasing energy. “Everyone I love vanishes. They just leave me. You know, I don’t think I ever remember missing my mother, but right now, I miss my mother!” she said emphatically.

The afterlife connection continued during the next procedure. “I saw an image of a young woman with long, brown hair. It was my mother, but she was more like my friend now. She was saying, ‘Come on, let’s go play. Let’s go do something fun.’” Connie was crying, releasing old negative energy. “She wanted me to join her. ‘Come on, come on,’ she was saying, being playful and daring. I said to her, ‘I can’t go over there.’”

After another procedure, Connie said, “My mother is the girl that was there. She was saying ‘Come on.’ I went with her. We were the same age, young, running toward a lake. We jumped into the lake, laughing. I said, ‘What is your name? Is that really you?’ She said, ‘I’m Eula.’ That was her real name. She went by Fern. ‘I’m Eula. See, we’re like playful, fun sisters.’

“The water of the lake we were in was different. It wasn’t cold. It was just the right temperature. Everything is different where she is. I said to her, ‘I want to go back and be with you.’ She said, ‘Not yet,’ and she splashed me playfully. I asked her, ‘What do I do with the rest of my life?’ Mom said, ‘Do anything you want to.’ I was like in an altered state. I asked, ‘What do I do?’ Mom said to me, ‘You can’t control it beforehand. You just have to do it.'”

When she finished telling me what she experienced, I said to Connie, “Go back to the memory that you had to take over everything when your mom came home from the hospital. It was a 10+++++. Where is it now?” Connie said, “It’s a 3.” I asked, “What about the memory that It was traumatic being yelled at and criticized all the time.” It had been a 10+++ at the beginning of the session. Connie answered, “I don’t feel anything in this state. It’s a 5.”

As Connie went through another procedure, the afterlife connection resumed. Afterward, she said, “I asked Mom about our childhood. She apologized, then said ‘It’s nothing. It’s in your head. It’s the bigger picture that’s important. Drop the old thoughts in that water. It is special water, and it will disintegrate those thoughts.’

“Mom said to me, ‘See what you can do here,’ and she jumped and grabbed onto a beam of light and climbed over it onto a star like she was in the Cirque du Soleil, laughing. She was jumping around stars and onto moonbeams. ‘See what I can do,’ she said. Everything is petty down on the Earth.” I said, ‘That doesn’t help me deal with the petty things on Earth.’ Mom said, ‘Do what you want. Make more of an effort to do what you want to do. Don’t be bound by “shoulds.” Cling to your spiritual practice, and that will help you. Take risks. Go for what you want. You’re taking things too serious. The Earthly life is not worth that.’

“I said, ‘But I don’t know what I want.’ She said, ‘Try things until you find out what you want.’ I asked her, ‘Will you help me if I ask for your help?’ ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I will help you.’ She was on an elevated ring, doing tricks, like in the Cirque du Soleil. It looked like so much fun. I said, ‘I would love to do that, but I can’t.’ She said, ‘Throw those thoughts in the lake.’”

The fact that Connie didn’t go to her mother’s funeral really bothered her, so I said, “Ask your mom, ‘Do you forgive me for not going to the funeral?’ I led her through another procedure. When she opened her eyes, she said, “I asked for her forgiveness. She said she was OK with it. She forgave me. Then she said to me, ‘I love you. I’m here for you. This life is insignificant. You can do what you want, and if you do, you’re going to have more fun. You can’t really make a wrong decision.’ Rochelle, I agonize over making the right decision. Mom just said, ‘Why, why do you worry about decisions? They’re so insignificant.’”

After another procedure, Connie closed her eyes and asked Dennis, “Do you have anything to say to me today?” She described his response: “He said, ‘My passing was preplanned. We arranged it before we came into this life. It was all meant to be.’ Then he said to me, ‘I miss you, and I’m sorry it was so hard for you. I love you. It was all prearranged, but my body knew. Do you remember my heart palpitations and fainting three days before I passed away? I knew something was going to happen.’”

When Connie opened her eyes after a final procedure, she said, “I asked Mom and Dennis, ‘Is it over for today, our session? Dennis kissed me. He held me for a little bit. When it was time to go, it was like a big vacuum sucking him back. And my mother was still doing the Cirque du Soleil thing. ‘I’ll save a ring for you,’ she said. ‘See you later.'”

With that, the session ended.

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication

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