Do Earthbound Spirits Really Influence Humans?

Do people celebrate holidays in the afterlife?

Mike Tymn is one of the most articulate and prolific writers about the afterlife and afterlife communication. His blogs are at

In this blog, Mike reviews an influential book about possession.

Mike writes, “Do the dead influence the living? That’s the subtitle of The Case for Possession, authored by Cynthia Pettiward in 1975 and recently republished by White Crow Books. There is no indication that Pettiward is a psychologist, psychiatrist, researcher, or professional of any kind, although she apparently observed many mediums. She examines the works of a number of researchers from the past, including Dr. Carl Wickland’s 1924 book, Thirty Years Among the Dead.

“What I have to say about Possession depends upon acceptance of the belief that the human spirit survives bodily death,” Pettiward explains. “For, in every case that I have considered, the entity parasite on the living human being – the possessing entity – is the spirit of another human being who has died.”

Do people celebrate holidays in the afterlife?

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