Accounts of Self-Guided Afterlife Communications that Validate They Are Real

How to have self-guided afterlife communication
Many of the Self-Guided Afterlife Communication experiences result in validations that the Self-guided Afterlife Connections are real connections with loved ones in spirit.  Below are three of them.

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Then, I saw a young girl/teenager. She had familiar features. The name Brenda came to me and I realized it’s a friend of mine’s daughter. She died in a rollover crash where she was pinned and asphyxiated. The kids with her were allegedly responsible for her being abandoned at the wreck. The feelings I got from her had nothing to do with that wreck or the people around her then. She hovered with me, morphing a bit so I saw her in different stages, ages. I saw her exploring. I heard her say, “I love mom. I miss mom.” I saw some food item, rolled. It looked like a lobster roll but with jalapeños. I was focused on it too much and it disappeared. I looked to the side and saw her as a little girl, rolling out dough, working on a red checked tablecloth, working so hard. She was darling! Then, I realized, “Oh, she misses doing this stuff with her mom.” At least that’s what I got from it.

Editor’s note: The participant wrote the following in an e‑mail a day later.

Well, how Dee doo? I wrote Lauren [mother of the little girl in the afterlife connection] and told her the first part of it and how confused I was with the roll-ups that had jalapeños in them. I kept thinking, what on Earth! So, I wrote Lauren unsure of how much to tell her. I can never remember who is a believer and who isn’t. Guess what? She writes back and says it makes sense to her. Yes, they made jalapeño roll-ups. WHAT…. I’ve NEVER heard of such a thing. Look, if I ever thought I was making this stuff up, well, I completely believe now. Where the hell did jalapeño roll-ups come from?
~ Second Participant Journal Excerpt ~

This woman saw a picture being moved in her experience, and later found out about the picture.

I first noticed I was in a park like setting—a beautiful fall scene with lots of reds. There was a park bench off to the left. Suddenly, a small boy, old enough to walk but not talk was in front of me looking up. He was wearing only a little green football jersey and a diaper. His jersey had the number 23 on it. It was green with white stripes. He had blond hair. He was shy, but wanting my attention. I noticed that while he looked at me, his little toes were pinching at the grass. He was holding someone’s hand but I couldn’t see the person.

Suddenly a little girl appeared, she was Asian. Perhaps three or four years old. She had a picture in her hand. It was a picture she had been coloring. It was amazing! The detail, while abstract in nature, the many colors she chose and how she used them was really, truly amazing! She was carrying it around like any child her age would do. It was getting bent and folded from the wear and tear of being carried around—and I was thinking “Oh no! That’s amazing! It should be framed and perhaps presented to an art school for display!” She was so excited. She took me by the hand and led me to the park bench where she had been coloring and I could see all her art pencils scattered all around on the bench. She didn’t talk with words. But I could feel her excitement and she was very comfortable with me.

Next, I saw an Aunt on my dad’s side that I’ve always felt very close to even though we didn’t really have a chance to know one another in life. I was named after her. However, she died when she was 18 years old—and I was only 3 at the time. She was not talking to me, but showing me scenes from her lifetime. I saw her at her wedding, and then I saw her sitting at a table, somewhat bored looking….and then I watched her make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…and before she ate it she smashed it all down really flat. I have no idea if she liked her sandwiches that way…but hope to find out. In any case, the next thing I know I’m at my Grandmother’s house (her mother) and I’m seeing this giant portrait of my aunt (that’s really there!) and I see it being taken down, and being moved around…but then I became aware that this was difficult for someone, that they wanted to move the portrait but couldn’t bring themselves to do it. I wasn’t sure what that meant.

I was talking with my mother the next day and I told her about what I had seen. As it turns out, my sister’s daughter was visiting. She and my sister live in my grandmother’s old house and my niece and my sister had talked about moving my aunt’s portrait because they had something else they wanted to hang but my sister just couldn’t bring herself to do it. The house has pretty much remained the same since my Grandmother passed back in 2005. I haven’t been to the house since my Grandmother passed. Anyway, my niece said that when her mother wasn’t home, she took down the portrait of my aunt….and so the portrait has been removed and this picture from Italy is now in its place. My niece felt horrible when my mother told her what I had seen, but my mother reassured her that it was not that my aunt was unhappy about the move of her picture, but that this was something that would be validated for me.

I was very excited! I mean, how cool!

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

The participant meets and learns the name of someone she doesn’t know, and her grandmother validates who it was. She had a successful Self-Guided Afterlife Communication experience in which she connected with her grandfather in spirit. After the session, she told her grandmother about it. The following account begins when she was telling her grandmother about the experience.
[I told my grandmother about my first experience and she was very open and interested. I told her that grandpa had said “My Camille.” I asked grandma if that meant something to her. She said “No.” She then asked me to have another session and try to meet her mother in spirit.

Later that day, I relaxed into having another self-guided connection with my grandfather. It was pretty much the same steps as the last experience. Towards the beginning I sort of felt like I was on the edge of fully being there with him and not being there at all. He grabbed me and I had a sensation of movement, sort of further into his realm. And he said to me that the difference between where I just was and where I am now was just an illusion. He “moved” me deeper in, but said that it was just a representation for the mind, nothing more.

Grandma had asked me to try and meet her mother next time I did this. So once I was connected with my grandpa again I said that Grandma wanted me to do this. Nothing happened except that I saw in my mind’s eye an old photograph of a woman. Then I heard Mabel, Mabel, Mabel. This went on about five times. I was thinking that maybe that was my grandma’s mother’s name. So I asked my grandpa “Who’s Mabel.” He suddenly had his arm around a teenage girl and he said that this was my grandma’s sister who died when they were girls. Mabel was nice and the three of us talked for quite a while. I imagined a tree and it appeared. We all sat and laid under it for a while. They answered many of my questions…. Mostly pertaining to spiritual topics.

Once the session ended, I went and talked to my grandma. I said I was with Grandpa and was going to try and meet her mother but then heard the name Mabel several times. As soon as I said that name, my grandma said “Oh, my sister. She died when she was 16.”

It was a great experience!

The self-guided afterlife connections participant could never have imagined or guessed at the name. It was a genuine connection with her grandfather.
How to have self-guided afterlife communication

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