What Is the Meaning of Life?

Answer to what is the purpose of life

What Is the Meaning of Life? What Is Life’s Purpose?

Only in the environment of Earth School can we have the unique experiences that will enable us to fulfill the purposes for our lives. When most of humankind has grown to fulfill these purposes, we will live together in love, peace, and joy.

We Enrolled in Earth School to Have Experiences

We enrolled in Earth School to have experiences that will evolve us into being loving, peaceful, and joyful. We might wonder why Our Universal Intelligence doesn’t simply give us the end results—create us to be unconditionally loving, peaceful, and joyful on the spot, without going through the struggles of Earth School to change and grow. And why does Our Universal Intelligence expect our imperfect, impatient, impudent Earth School egos to grow into loving, peaceful, joyful beings?

The answer is that only by living in a world with disturbing experiences that compel us to change can we grow from having mistrustful, cynical thoughts to experiencing wonderful feelings of trust and optimism; from having feelings of being conditionally loved or rejected to experiencing the exuberant feelings of being loved and accepted with no conditions or expectations; and from being self-absorbed to finding joy in helping others as they go through their own struggles.

How Can We Realize Why We Are Here?

We can realize why we enrolled in Earth School by understanding who we have been at our beginning level of development in love, compassion, and wisdom and who we are becoming through Earth School experiences. We begin Earth School by being taught that loving others and feeling love from them are conditional and tainted with mistrust and selfish expectations. Most people mistrust others and feel they are separate from the rest of humanity. Earth School teaches us an understanding of the nature of reality and our place in eternity that is fraught with misinformation, superstition, fear, and ignorance. Most people are cynical about life and resigned to feeling that depression, disappointment, and unhappiness are the way life must be—c’est la vie.

Through the unique experiences available in Earth School we can have a change of heart and mind that overcomes those negative conceptions of who we and humanity are. We can learn to be unconditionally loving and enjoy the experience of living with others who love without expectation or judgment. We can learn to trust others and believe those we love would never judge, manipulate, or deceive us. We can learn we are spiritual beings, manifestations of Our Universal Intelligence that is the source of all creation. We can become confident that unseen arms enfold us in love and guide us into learning lessons and being confident that we are supported in every struggle we encounter. We can learn to be happy in our Earth School lives for the pure sake of being in this paradise of experiences with people we love, with no requirements or reasons necessary for our happiness.

Part of Our Purpose in Life Is to Enjoy It

These wonderful fruits of life in Earth School result from having unique experiences only Earth School can provide. Our Souls choose Earth School so we can

  • Experience the feeling of loving and being loved
  • Develop a compassionate nature that loves others and desires to express it
  • Learn lessons that give us knowledge, wisdom, tolerance, trust, and other traits we desire
  • Learn to accept and love others without judgment
  • Learn to love ourselves and feel our own worth and competence
  • Help others grow in love, compassion, and wisdom while they enjoy Earth School experiences
  • Help humankind live together in love, peace, and joy
  • Realize we are spiritual beings who do not die
  • Grow to feel happy with no reason for it
  • Enjoy the pleasure of joyful experiences
  • Feel competent and capable in endeavors that bring us bliss
  • Become self-determined, confident, independent, and capable of making choices
  • Have clear goals and a sense of purpose
  • Enjoy the sensual experiences available to us on earth
  • Come to trust the support and guidance given to us by guides, helpers, and loved ones in the life after this life
Answer to what is the purpose of life

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