Life in the Afterlife (Part 4)

What does heaven look like?
What we call the afterlife is actually a foyer back into the gigantic astral plane levels of reality that make up our eternal home. We are at home again, at last! We have been welcomed by our loved ones, we have had our life review and enjoyed our party, we have thanked our primary spirit guide for our lifetime just completed, and we have done whatever else has felt necessary to us as part of our transition process. Since we are outside of time, there is no limit to how long we can spend doing these things. Here is some of what we are most likely to do now, right at the start:
  • Meeting Jesus. Despite His very elevated spiritual status, Jesus maintains a home on the entrance level of the astral plane, and He greets every new arrival who wants to meet Him.
  • Spirit rescue work. When we first arrive, our consciousness vibrations are still rising, so we might be invited by an advanced being to accompany him or her into the Outer Darkness to get the attention of someone there who likely cannot perceive our lofty companion, but who probably can see us. We try to make the connection between them as a first step toward helping to rescue someone who is thought to be ready now to leave that lowest level.
  • Seeing Our New Home. If we are the second spouse to die, our husband or wife will enjoy inviting us to come and explore the new home that he or she has built for the two of us to share. This is an exciting time! Building in the afterlife and the astral plane typically doesn’t happen with hammer and nails, but rather your spouse will have drawn out the plans for your favorite earth-home, or perhaps for a dream home that the two of you might have had in mind, and then he or she called for sixth-level beings to come and study the plans and then to think that new home into solid existence.
  • Seeing What Might Be New. The modern afterlife contains some wonderful new advancements that your loved ones will be eager to demonstrate for you. Some folks who have specialized tech skills have lately died, and they have found that there were laboratories ready for them in which they could continue to ply their trades. For example, we know that there is now a kind of large flat-screen TV that will allow transitioned loved ones to look right into the lives of those still living on earth.
  • Attending Performances by Stars Who Have Recently Transitioned. There are some famous earth-performers who have lately transitioned, and unlike Elvis, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, and some others who are routine afterlife performers, these afterlife newbies may not be performing here for long. So our loved ones will help us to put out the word that if our favorite recently-transitioned performers are going to be performing somewhere, we would like to know about it. All such performances happen in open-air coliseums, and no matter how many people attend, we always feel that we are in the center of the first row.
  • Checking Out Higher Levels. As our personal vibrations continue to rise after we have transitioned, we may find that we have grown spiritually, and we are now comfortable alone at Level Four, or even higher. Or if not, then a friend who is vibrating higher may be able to shield us on such an adventure.
The more you have grown spiritually while on earth, the higher you will be able to go now, and the more fun you can have in the greater life that you will return to at your death. As you become more comfortable, you will begin to enjoy what is a truly glorious eternal life! This is the fourth of several posts about the glorious post-death world that awaits us all!
What does heaven look like?

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