Queen Alexandra Speaking from Spirit Describes Awakening in the Afterlife

Alexandra's afterlife communication

Alexandra of Denmark was Queen of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Empress of India. She transitioned in 1910. She came through in a Leslie Flint seance in which she described awakening after the death of her body in the familiar surroundings she remembered from her life on earth. The audio recording follows. You can read the transcript below as you listen.


Queen Alexandra describes awakening in the life after this life

[The recording of Queen Alexandra begins with Betty Greene asking her a question. The transcript follows the controls.]

Greene: Can you tell us actually when you passed over, where you found your self, in what…uh…I was going to say, not exactly ‘country’, but how you found your self?

I…remember very vividly awakening in a room which was very reminiscent of a room that I’ve been very fond of, many years previously in my earthly existence. In every way it seemed to be an exact replica: the colourings, the materials, the furnishings. In fact everything about it was a perfect reproduction; in fact, so much so, that I did not realise at first that I passed on at all. And I remember only too well the very beautiful view from the window, with the beautiful green grass, lawn and terrace and at the bottom, far in the distance, the river.

It was a spot which I had been most fond. And in this room on my awakening were many of my relations and friends that I had known. It was almost like a kind of reception, which of course it was. And I must admit it was a great joy to me, to meet all these friends and all these souls that had meant so much to me in my Earthly life, and to have the feeling of peace and the realisation that it was an environment in the very room in which I was most happy. It was a room that had given me great joy and pleasure many, many years previously.

In fact, I have now realised only too well that I was most fortunate in my passing, that I should have been so blessed. And I’ve oft-times turned over in my mind many of the things and the happenings of Earth. And I’ve tried so often to try to realise why I should have been most fortunate. I realise of course in my own way, and in a kind of way, perhaps rather in a narrow way, I endeavoured to do what I could to serve and to help. But you know it’s an extraordinary thing, when one as attached as I was to a family that is called to service and has to take upon itself the weight and responsibility of the Crown, one is, in a sense, although oft-times serving, one is often, in a sense, doing work in a narrow field. By that, what I mean is, that although one may serve here and there, one may be called upon to do this or that duty.

Nevertheless, to some extent, you are doing things, not exactly automatically, but you are doing them because partly it is your duty, which one must do, secondly because it is essential and important in the State sense, but often one feels that there are things one might have done or would have liked to have done, but one…one was not able to do. In fact, if one were to have endeavoured to do certain things, it would have caused friction or it would have caused comment in certain quarters, in fact, perhaps would have been resented.

Often, you know, when…I was visiting, or perhaps…when I was staying in a certain place, certain things would be brought to my attention – not by those around and about me in position, but by often, accident, not by design and I would be appalled at certain things that I experienced or witnessed, particularly among the poor. Poverty was something which affected me very much, and yet I felt so helpless, could do so little, and in a small way I did try. But you know, particularly in my day, it was extremely difficult for a person in my position to do very much for the poor.

And I was ever conscious of the poor and ever wanting to help them, and it was one of the greatest disappointments in my life; that I felt that a person in my position and with – what so many people considered and I suppose can be considered – power, could do so little, in fact nothing. And I think it was one of the greatest disappointments of my life, that I could do so little for those who needed so much.

Poverty worried me terribly. It gave me great pain, and there was so much in my day. I was so used to the pomp and the ceremony, so used to the pleasanter, happier side of life. Everything was made, of course, pleasant and as nice as one could possibly hope, and yet I was ever conscious of the poverty and endeavoured to help as far as I could – in the hospitals too.

Over here, for instance, I take a great interest in mental illness, which of course is a great deal of the cause of the unhappiness of the world, in your world I mean, and to a great extent our world too. For much of those…much of the trial and trouble here, among those less developed, is the mental condition. In fact I would go as far as to say, that a great deal of the world’s troubles in illness and in other ways, is due to the mind. If only we can reach the minds of people and change their outlook and their attitude, if only we can do that, and that, of course, is what we are constantly trying to do.

We are trying to reach the minds of humanity wherever they may be, irrespective of their condition in life. Whatever their nationality, we are constantly working upon the minds of peoples, especially those in high places who hold the destiny of nations in their hands. We are striving to instil peace, instil the things that are of God, that they might come together in the future and save the world from itself, from destruction. This I am convinced shall be done, and I feel sure that man will find a new path, a new way of life where he can work in harmony and in love, nation with nation, peoples with peoples, and God’s will can be brought into being. We are striving desperately for this, to do all in our power to help.


Alexandra's afterlife communication

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