What Is Heaven Really Like?

Jurgen Ziewe

From Jurgen’s webpage.

“Trying to convey what it is like to enter a state of consciousness which is clearly beyond ego identification and the astral level is a challenge as we are dealing with an expanded state of consciousness for which our left brain hemisphere dominated awareness has no language. We are limited to metaphors. It is possible to convey some kind of idea by trying to imagine the following:

“Imagine you come out of a cellar which has no obvious light source, only a faint ambient light which allows you to just make out the outlines of the objects surrounding you. You can hardly tell the different colours apart and you struggle to identify individual shapes. You walk up a short flight of stairs and throw open the doors to the outside world and are greeted by a bright summer’s day at high noon. The first thing you are confronted with is the glaring light of the sun, so bright and uncomfortable at first that you’ll have to squint and look away, though soon you acclimatize. As you open your eyes you are likely to not only see just one sun, but a multitude of glaring orbs dancing around you. You also notice that it is not just the light which almost overwhelms you, but that it is powered by an incredible force of attraction, which fills you with a rush of ecstasy the moment you open yourself to it. This is not something you are accustomed to at all. Your first instinct will be to let go and surrender to their irresistible power and if you do, there is no telling where you will end up. If you look around you will gradually get accustomed to the brightness and you find that the light source is not the real reason that you feel drawn to it, but that your instinctive knowledge you are one and the same makes you simply want to reunite with it.

“The overwhelming feeling is that you have arrived home at last. That all throughout your life you have been an exile, blindly following certain pathways hoping they would lead you home, but they were only side tracks, leading you off into different directions, but never any closer to your goal. Now at last you have arrived home, and this realisation alone fills you with overwhelming joy and satisfaction. Also, you are not alone. A light surrounds you which is your constant companion, which shows the love and the infinite patience of a affectionate parent, observing joyfully your childlike wonder as you take in the splendours which greet you.”