What Is Life Like in the Afterlife?

where do we go when we die, heaven

Most religions lead us to believe in an afterlife that is heavenly, with clouds and God’s Throne Room and Saint Peter’s Gates, but in fact the genuine afterlife is amazingly solid and earthlike. The image at the beginning of this article could be a scene from the afterlife. Nearly everyone arrives after death in what the Vikings called the Summerland, which is beautiful and surprisingly culturally specific. Since most of the reports that we have are from people who have died in North America, you can assume that what we say here applies to Americans and Canadians. But in general, the physics of the afterlife and the afterlife process is going to be the same everywhere.

Physics Has Clues about What the Life after Death Is Like

The hardest thing for you to get your mind around is the fact that there really is no time in the afterlife, and there also is no space.  Albert Einstein said that the reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once, but apparently that is no problem in the afterlife! They just live in an endless series of Now moments, and that fact doesn’t bother them at all. They tell us this will make sense when we get there, and for now we simply shouldn’t worry about it. And as for space, they tell us just that everything feels less crowded there! Most people live like lords on spacious manors, and whenever we want to congregate in cities, we simply think of being somewhere else, and we are there in an instant. 

In the Afterlife There Are Matter, Water, and Colors

The matter in heaven is actually more solid than the matter is here, since it is not composed of atoms. It seems instead to be something like living alabaster, and very faintly translucent. The water is dry and silken, it gives off musical notes and life-giving energy, and it is alive. The colors are amazing, too, since many of them have never been seen on earth since they can go far beyond the visible-light spectrum. There is no sun, but instead there is an ambient pure white light, and the sky is likely to be any color but blue.

Where Do We Go after We Die?

When you die, you won’t be going far! Dying simply means that your mind tunes to a slightly higher level of reality in what is more or less the same place where you are now. The easiest way for you to make sense of the death process is to think of television. This material reality is at a very low vibration. We are all tuned to channel three, you might say. At your death, your personal vibration rises, you enter a kind of fog, and when the fog clears, you will find yourself in a whole new reality. You have switched to something like channel five.   

What Happens When You Die?

There is a kind of triage that happens as the body dies, an extra assurance that we will get some extra support if we need it. Or on the other hand, various things might briefly go wrong:

  • When we die awake and in good health, we generally go directly to a reception garden. There we will sit for a while amid beautiful flowers and trees in colors never seen on earth, and splashing fountains, simply enjoying the fact of our survival.
  • When we die with physical or mental issues, we’ll go right to a specialized care facility. There are many such facilities on the entrance level of the afterlife, and typically people who die with a physical or mental illness will need to spend some time being nurtured into a comfortable belief in their own good health. This generally takes a few earth-months. And even people whose ill health may not have been apparent to the decedent’s loved ones may be nurtured briefly in a post-death care home out of an abundance of concern for them, so most mental mediums will suggest that we not try to connect with our recently-transitioned loved ones for the first few months after a death event.
  • When we die in our sleep, we generally wake up in a Summerland home. These homes might be mimics of a family home on earth, and those who die this way may be hard to convince that in fact they have actually died.
  • Some will simply go off-track for a time. It has been reported that about quarter of those who die will go off-track at death initially, and mostly due to their own plain ignorance.

What Is Life in the Afterlife Like?

So, what do we actually do in heaven? The reports are many and varied! People are still people, after all, and we don’t change after we die nearly as much as you might like to think we would change. Here are just a few examples of the things that have been reported that people in heaven enjoy doing:

·         Learning things. Just about anything that you might possibly teach or learn, there is someone there willing to learn or to teach! This includes, of course, all the musical instruments and every conceivable skill.

·         Performing. Outdoor performance venues seem to be everywhere. We know that Elvis Presley performs, as do Frank Sinatra and John Lennon, but apparently even you and I can take it into our heads to perform and can find a ready audience.

·         Wild West, Dickensian, and other re-enactments. There are reports that various fictional venues have developed sufficient followings that people enjoy costumed re-enactments.

·         Recreational Vehicles. Little one- or two-seater cars, boats, and airplanes were being played with even early in the twentieth century, so lord only knows what they are doing now! And these vehicles are all powered by mind, so there is no exhaust.

·         Historical Research. There are great libraries where people enjoy researching their own past lives, and world historical events as well.

·         Sports. Some people enjoy the same sports they played at in life, such as snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains that edge the Summerland, or swimming or boating in the silk-dry lakes.

·         Shopping. For the Depression generation, the wonder of shopping in heavenly stores where everything was always free has been a special delight!

·         Creation. Everything in the Summerland is mind-created, so it can be fun to create a new kind of flower and then plant it in the reception gardens for future arrivals to enjoy.

·         Historical Re-Enactments. If you can pin them down, apparently you can even watch some historical personages re-enacting their big moments.

·         Exploring. Would you like to travel to the edge of the universe? Or perhaps in other dimensions? Apparently that is possible too.

What Is Heaven Like?

We cannot now know the precise details of the arrival gardens of 2052, or whenever you might make it there. But here is what we are betting you are going to see:

  • Echoes of Your Youth and Childhood. Thomas Jefferson said when he spoke through Leslie Flint in 1960 that the Summerland when he first arrived looked as rural Virginia had looked when he was a boy.
  • Your Childhood Pets, and also Birds, Butterflies, and Dragonflies. Many of those who have newly arrived and communicated with us from there have remarked about these lovely details.
  • Splashing Fountains, Benches, Flowers, Walkways, and Graceful Trees. Many new arrivals have remarked about seeing gigantic flowers as tall as a man.
  • People Dressed in Various Period Fashions. It doesn’t seem to matter how we dress. At higher levels people often wear spirit robes, or what are sometimes called astral robes, the sort of long-sleeved, floor-length belted tunics in shimmering pastel colors that angels are commonly assumed to wear. But in the Summerland levels, people typically wear whatever they wore in their most recent earth-lifetime.
  • Our Astral Bodies Are Mind-Created. We may at first feel unaccustomed to mind-creating our bodies, but we soon become adept again at changing our appearance at will. This body that you have worn from your deathbed looks as you looked in your most recent earth-lifetime, but it is likely to be growing younger in appearance as you begin to think younger. Eventually, you may even choose to look as an individual in your higher self who lived before looked in a different lifetime. 

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