Life in the Afterlife (Part 5)

After we have been welcomed home by our loved ones of our most recent lifetime, and by Jesus if we are so inclined; and after we have had our life review and our welcome-home party and caught up with our oldest friends, we then happily settle in as it dawns on us that we really and truly are back home! But if we have made good use of our latest lifetime, we are not the same people that we were when we left here to be born on earth perhaps ninety earth-years ago. We have grown spiritually, which means that now we can comfortably access higher astral realities than were attainable by us before we left. And realizing that now is very exciting! But as we are still becoming reacclimated to what we might think of as daily life in the afterlife, there is a tremendous amount of fun to be had, even now. Here is just a taste of that afterlife fun:
  • Skiing and Snowboarding. Many people have read Flying High in Spirit – A Young Snowboarder’s Account of His Ride Through Heaven by Mikey Morgan, which is among the best first-person afterlife accounts ever received. Snow sports are popular here because the mountains are big, the snow is not cold, and no matter how hard you fall it is impossible to injure your astral body.
  • Play-Vehicles. Real travel is by mind and instantaneous, so we don’t need actual vehicles for travel; but still, we do love our vehicular toys! Whether they are little one- or two-seater cars, planes, or helicopters, these play-vehicles are all propelled by our own minds so they don’t make noise and there is no exhaust.
  • Learning new skills. We can study music, art, and just about anything else. A hundred years ago, many who were poor in life were eager to learn from Mozart how to play the piano, and happy to learn to draw from Michelangelo and learn to paint from Rembrandt and Rubens. Children born as prodigies learned their skills this way, between lives and under the greatest of teachers!
  • Building things. Although stick-building things is possible here, almost no one ever does it. If we want to build something, we design it in collaboration with advanced building teams, and then we watch as those teams simply think our new creation into shimmery existence that then becomes solid before our eyes.
  • Working out earth’s future advances. People with special expertise are given laboratories where they can create, and then they channel to people on earth the next great advances to be made. It is said that Steve Jobs is now working on a mind-powered iPad.
  • Satisfying our curiosity. There are great libraries full of human knowledge stored as scrolls, libraries where we can re-experience our other earth-lives, and opportunities to sit at the feet of humankind’s greatest masters, including Jesus, the Buddha, and the world’s other great prophets and thinkers.

Every conceivable kind and level of fun is available to you, and without time you have an eternity in which to enjoy it all! You will find, too, that the more you advance spiritually, the more the afterlife opportunities that appeal to you will become ever more sophisticated.

This is the fifth of several posts about the glorious post-death world that awaits us all!

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