Evidence of the Afterlife ~ A Deceased Son Speaks to His Parents

A deceased son talks to his parents in afterlife communication

Evidence of Life After Death

We have the audio recording of a young man named David Cattanach, whose body died at age eighteen, speaking through direct-voice medium Leslie Flint with his mother. Mrs. Cattanach had frequent conversations over a period of 10 years.

Mrs. Cattanach

Gordon Smith, the well-known British psychic medium who knew David’s mother personally, wrote this about her and the sessions during which she spoke with her son:

I know Mrs. Cattanach personally. I would describe her as very astute. She would not be easily fooled, especially about her son. She told me she had no doubts that the recording of him speaking after his death was his voice.[i]

The Evidence Demonstrating That David Is Alive Although His Body Is Dead

Following is a brief excerpt of Mrs. Cattanach speaking with her son in a Leslie Flint direct-voice session. Listen to this recording at www.afterlifeinstitute.org/cattanach/.

Transcript of the recording:

Mrs. Cattanach: Is Bob working with you?

David:       Yes. We’re very close because we house together.

Mrs. Cattanach: Oh, that’s lovely.

David:       We do a great deal of work together as a matter of fact.

Mrs. Cattanach: And Darling, is Tom with you still?

David:       Yes, yes.

Mrs. Cattanach: Good.

David:       I say, can you hear me?

Mrs. Cattanach: Yes, very well, Dear.

Evidence from Direct-Voice Mediumship Proves Life After Death

These people who lived normal lives on earth left their bodies behind to go on to the life after this life. They were able to return to earth to converse through direct-voice mediums with people who knew them well. They carried on casual conversations as they did when they were using bodies. The people on earth accepted these conversations as valid because they recognized the person in spirit’s unique voice quality, personality, references to current events, and reminiscences of past events in the people’s lives.

They did not die when their bodies died. The communication through direct-voice mediums is evidence you will never die.

[i] G. Smith, The Unbelievable Truth (Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2004).

A deceased son talks to his parents in afterlife communication
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