Evidence of Life After Death from a Parapsychologist

Stephen Braude gives Evidence for Life After Death

The question of whether ghosts exist is often approached with either too much willingness or too much skepticism regarding the survival of personal consciousness after death. While some fail to recognize the impressive evidence for life after death, others dismiss alternative explanations too quickly. Interestingly, some non-survivalist explanations, such as hidden talents or psychic abilities, can be as intriguing as the idea of survival and more plausible than commonly thought.

In his book Immortal Remains, author and parapsychologist Stephen E. Braude examines perplexing cases that suggest life after death and offers a fresh perspective on how to distinguish evidence for an afterlife from evidence for other unusual phenomena. Drawing on his extensive research in parapsychology and dissociation, Braude considers important issues related to creativity, linguistic skills, and human abilities. He concludes that we now have some justification for believing in life after death.

Stephen Braude gives Evidence for Life After Death
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