Flight attendant recalls encounter with ‘ghost passenger’

Flight attendant learns the afterlife is real

A former Emirates cabin crew member, Sandra Kwon, aged 38, shared a remarkable tale told to her by another flight attendant. According to her account, one of her fellow flight attendants had a rather eerie experience while chatting with a passenger’s wife during a night flight. 

The flight attendant was engaging in a conversation with a friendly woman seated beside her sleeping husband. The woman requested a blanket because she felt cold during the flight. She also asked for a cup of tea with milk and sugar for her husband. The flight attendant went to the front of the plane to make the tea. When another flight attendant asked her who the tea was for, she said it was for a woman in a specific seat in plane. The other flight attendant said she didn’t notice a woman seated there. “Perhaps she went the lavatory.”

The flight attendant delivered the tea to the husband, who was just awakening. The husband was confused. He said he hadn’t asked for tea. The flight attendant explained that it was the woman sitting with him who asked for it. The husband tasted the tea; it was exactly the way he always wanted it.

Then the man explained that he was returning home with his wife, but his wife was dead in a casket in the hold of the plane. He was taking her home for her burial.

The wife was not seen again during the plane ride.


Lucy Thackray, “Flight attendant recalls encounter with ‘ghost passenger’ whose body was being transported in the hold,” Independent, February 11, 2022. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/flight-attendant-ghost-emirates-passenger-b2012994.html

Flight attendant learns the afterlife is real

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