Why Earth Is Perfect for Us to Make Ourselves into All We Can Become

Why earth is perfect for us to grow spiritually

This Realm Is Perfectly Suited for the Purpose of Life

William Buhlman, a respected expert on out-of-body experiences, posits that our world is ideally suited for fulfilling the purpose of our existence. After over forty years of intensive research into the realm beyond the physical body, Buhlman has gained a distinctive and fascinating viewpoint on this topic. In his book, Adventures beyond the Body, he narrates his spiritual quest of self-discovery through out-of-body experiences, while also providing readers with the skills and groundwork required to embark on their own spiritual journeys.

The Ideal World for Us to Accomplish Our Life's Purpose

In his later book, The Secret of the Soul, Bulman explains why Earth School is set up as it is. It is the perfect environment for our personal growth.
William Buhlman on earth being so we can learn lessons
Secret of the Soul William Buhlman

This is a summary of statements in his book:

Envision yourself in an idyllic world where all individuals are free to explore and cultivate their creative passions and realize their boundless potential. Sounds like heaven, right? However, consider for a moment what could occur in such an ideal, thought-responsive world if an immature or undisciplined being were given free reign. The chaos and destruction that a solitary, primitive mind could wreak would be unimaginable.

Now, let’s consider the kind of educational environment that would be best suited for training an undisciplined mind. Welcome to the dense training ground of the physical world, where focused and disciplined thoughts are necessary for creation and success. This is the perfect realm for a young and undisciplined mind to learn through trial and error, without polluting the pure realm of the spirit. Welcome to the world of life, as envisioned by William Buhlman in his book The Secret of the Soul.

William Buhlman, The Secret of the Soul.

Why earth is perfect for us to grow spiritually

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