Life in the Afterlife (Part 2)

We enter the afterlife at Level Three, which is the lowest of three beautiful aggregate Summerland levels. If we have died very sick or damaged, we might first spend an earth-month or two in a healing garden, being loved back to emotional and spiritual health. Then four or five things predictably happen quite soon after our deaths. Their order varies, but we will:

  • Rejoin Our Greater Minds. This happens almost at once, often even before we enter the afterlife. Before we began the earth-life just ended, we stripped down to a limited portion of our vast, eternal minds that was designed for rapid spiritual learning. So when we return home, suddenly our minds will expand! We will be the same person with the same memories, attitudes, likes, dislikes, and all of what makes us who we are. But we will be much more astute and perceptive. We will recognize so many old and dear friends, and we will remember where we are and so many details of home and many more things in a dazzling mental expansion that puts us right back into the greater eternal life that we had nearly forgotten about altogether.
  • Sleep. Even if we died without particular issues, many of us will fall asleep for a day or two soon after we arrive home. Then we will wake up and never need to sleep again.
  • Experience a Life Review. Whether it happens in a public building or in our heavenly home, we will join with our spirit guides and perhaps with some people who had shared our recent lifetime, and we will re-experience our whole earth-life just ended primarily from the viewpoint of those that we affected. We will get to feel how we made other people feel. Those who have been through a life-review often say that it wasn’t so much the big things they did wrong that upset them to re-experience, since they had been prepared for those. But rather, many people are stunned to realize how many times they had treated other people shabbily, shamed an overweight classmate or disrespected a dignified older person, acted selfish and grabby, or just ignored an easy chance to do some kindness. Even with guides and loved ones to help us through it, a life review is always tough. Then once we have re-experienced the lifetime just ended from the viewpoint of everyone whose life we touched, we are asked to forgive them all. And that is the easy part. We know now that none of it was real and everyone is fine, so of course we forgive them all. Family murdered before our eyes? No problem! But when we are asked to forgive ourselves for the harm we did to others, many people have trouble with that. We now find the way that we behaved so disappointing. Forgiving ourselves is essential, however, since otherwise our consciousness vibrations will slow, and we could end up putting ourselves into the Outer Darkness levels. There is lots of counseling and help available, and those that we wronged in life are there hugging us, so fortunately most of us do manage to forgive ourselves.
  • Party Hearty. Soon after we arrive, we are feted at our own party. Although we live widely scattered, you will be amazed to find almost everyone you knew well in your life who died before you did showing up. And the dead do know how to party! You will expect food and drink, so it is going to be served. You might recognize your greatest enemies of this lifetime as actually close eternal friends who had played those negative roles in your life as their gift to help you better grow spiritually. Even the real Elvis or John Lennon might perform!
  • Send a Postcard. Many people want to let their loved ones on earth know that they have survived and are fine, and if doing that is important to you, there are specialists who can help you quickly learn how to send vivid communication dreams to your loved ones.

This is the second of several posts about the glorious post-death world that awaits us all.

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