Researcher Sheri Perl’s Home is Orb Central ~ See the Video and Pictures

Rev. Sheri Perl has electronic voice phenomena EVP

What Orbs Are

“Orbs” are spherical formations of light or luminous balls. While orbs are commonly captured in videos or photographs, they can also be observed by the naked eye. These radiant orbs exhibit various colors, with the most frequent hues being transparent, black, white, green, red, or blue. They often hover in mid-air but are capable of swift movement.

They are signs of energy from the presence of someone in spirit. The orb is not the person. It is only what our eyes on Earth see when the energy is present.

Researcher Sheri Perl captures large numbers of orbs in her bedroom. This link shows a sample of some videos and pictures of Sheri’s orbs. It also has samples of the recordings she has made of children in spirit for their parents.

About Sheri Perl

At the age of 16, Sheri endured immense suffering due to Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel condition that led to her requiring blood transfusions. Tragically, she contracted Hepatitis C from tainted blood. Amidst her distress, Sheri reached out to the British spiritual healer Harry Edwards, and through his intervention, she underwent a miraculous recovery.

Following Harry Edwards’ transition into the spirit realm, Sheri embarked on a transformative journey, collaborating with him and his team of spiritual physicians to aid individuals grappling with physical and mental ailments.

Sheri’s unwavering dedication to spirituality, particularly focusing on spiritual healing and mediumship, has remained a constant in her life. When her son passed away, she redirected her healing efforts towards helping those grieving, offering solace and facilitating connections between the bereaved and their departed loved ones in the spirit world.

She achieved ordination into the Interfaith Ministry, earned a master’s degree in Therapeutic Counseling, and successfully attained a doctoral degree.

To seek Distant Healing, please reach out to Sheri at and kindly provide some background on the challenges you are facing. Include your name, age, location, and, if applicable, any relevant medical diagnosis or additional information you believe is pertinent.


She wrote her book Lost and Found—A Mother Connects-Up With Her Son In Spirit to help others see how close spirit is to us and how we can cultivate a relationship with those we love who are living in the next life.

Sheri also wrote Healing from the Inside Out and the Outside In. Sheri tells her story of illness and spiritual healing which opened her eyes to the presence of Spirit, changing her perspective of life completely. In the self-healing chapter, Sheri introduces methods taught by the late Spiritual Healer Harry Edwards to both absorb and direct healing energy.

Victor Zammit, LLB, PhD, and Wendy Zammit, MA, co-authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife and The Friday afterlife Report wrote this about Healing form the Inside Out and the Outside In:

This is a book for anyone who wants to heal themselves, heal others or understand the nature of the mind-body connection. Sheri Perl has created a masterpiece which brings hope, inspiration and life changing tools in the Sheri Perl Healing Program outlined in Chapter nine. Yet for all its profound wisdom it is easy to read, written with humility, honesty and vulnerability.”

Her other books are Eternity Is Real and Death Is a Myth, a compilation of quotes on life after death with commentary by Sheri, and The Grieving Parents Handbook written by Sheri and a number of bereaved mothers who share how they managed to cope with three universal questions: “Why me?” “Was this my fault?” “How will I live with this?”

Rev. Sheri Perl has electronic voice phenomena EVP

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