Family Members Verified Communication with Their Daughter Whose Body Had Died

Leonora Piper, a trance medium from the 19th century, possessed the ability to channel communicators who would convey messages either through her voice or automatic writing. Piper underwent numerous tests administered by a diverse group of skeptical observers. The Society for Psychical Research meticulously organized several thousand sessions spanning twenty years, ensuring controlled conditions to prevent any possibility of deception. The messages conveyed during these sessions displayed a striking level of precision. The distinct content and intricate details within the messages left no doubt in the minds of the participants that their dearly departed had communicated through Piper’s vocal abilities.

In one verified experience, Piper was asked by the Rev. and Mrs. S.W. Sutton if she could communicate with their deceased little girl, Katherine, whose body had died six weeks before. The account of the séance is now in the archives of the Society for Psychical Research.

Piper was able to establish contact between the Suttons and their very much-loved little girl from the afterlife. The information left no doubt whatsoever that the little girl was actually communicating from the afterlife with her mother and father still living on the earth plane.

She confirmed that she used to bite buttons. She identified her Uncle Frank and a friend who had died with a tumor and made reference to her brother by his pet name. She made reference to her sore throat and paralyzed tongue and that her head used to get hot before her death. She referred to Dinah her doll, to her sister Maggie, and to her little toy horse. She also sang two songs, the same songs she had sung immediately before she died. The Suttons had no doubt that they had made contact with their little girl and were especially happy when she reassured them: “I am happy… cry for me no more.”[i]

Their daughter’s accurate communication demonstrated she was alive after her body had died.


[i] Victor Zammit, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife (Sydney, Australia: Ganmell Pty. Ltd., 2006): 116-117.

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