Families Are Seeing Images on Zoom Calls That Are Deceased Loved Ones

Seeing images of deceased loved ones
Through a series of synchronicities connected to this group I became associated with a medium at a gathering just a few weeks ago.  I became instantly interested in her description of what she described as a form of energetic physical mediumship utilizing sound wave technology to produce audible real-time communication between the physical and spirit realms.  In addition, she is frequently capturing responsive clear audible external (not evp) voices on her cell phone video camera.  For me the voice phenomena are interesting enough, but she is also receiving what she describes as image downloads in which families are seeing recognizable images of their loved ones show up in recorded camera video of zoom sittings.
I was lucky enough to experience a reading with the medium just this last week.  It was a phenomenal experience.  And while I cannot claim to be able to hear everything that the medium can hear.  I could hear enough of what she heard that I have no doubt that she was connected to my son and was correctly translating for spirit utilizing the technology her spirit team has helped her to develop. Through the medium’s soundwave technology process, I was able to hear enough of the consonants and vowels that I could catch many words and phrases along the way and knew that the medium was hearing my son speak.  He was able to talk about details of our home and our lives, and for the first time in 10 years I was hearing sounds that came from the conscious intentional communication of the person I have missed the most in this physical world.  It was an indescribable and invaluable gift.  
My son also brought in both of my parents who I could hear, often understand their actual words, and who were also exceptionally evidential. My father saw my son several days before his own crossing and asked, “Is that your son on a plain/plane?” I never asked him which kind of plain/plane he meant at the time. Though I have had a visual in my head that I felt was correct.  In the medium’s reading I asked my father which kind of plain/plane did he see?  I very clearly heard him say “It was a grassy plain.”  My father talked about his experience crossing over, and joked about memories fishing, which was his favorite way to spend time with his children.  My mother gave her name, talked about my recent artwork, and thanked me for taking care of her.  My son talked about his sisters, noting that they had served in the military.  He was able to give their names and talked about our relationships.
The medium’s mode of working with her mediumship is truly unique.  There are no other mediums that I am aware of that are working in this way. She is pioneering a change in the way spirit is working in the physical world and I am excited to see how this expands and develops.
Seeing images of deceased loved ones

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