What Happens Right After Death of the Body

What Happens Right After Death of the Body | Seek Reality

Today we have many thousands of records of communication with people living in the afterlife describing what happens after you die. We know where you go when you die. What we know for certain about what happens when we die is in the pages that follow. The facts come from descriptions by people now living in the afterlife.

This information is taken from Seek Reality Online authors’ books and from additional information. All of it is from verified sources.

Why do we know these accounts are really from the person in the life after death?

  • We have the person in spirit’s messages that have come through mental mediums, trance mediums, and physical mediums that the person on this side of life verifies are true.
  • We have audio recordings of thousands of the accounts with the words the person in the afterlife is actually speaking.
  • The people in the afterlife are speaking to loved ones on this side of life who know them well.
  • The people in the afterlife talk about things only that person would know.
  • They tell the individual on this side of life things that the individual is currently doing, in detail. The person in spirit is spending time unseen with them.
  • They tell the loved one on this side of life things the person did not know but are proven to be true.

Because the people on this side of life know without a doubt the person speaking is the individual in spirit they know well, we can be sure their statements about what life is like in the afterlife are true. They are alive and well, living in the afterlife after death.

Evidence There Is Life after Death

For more detailed information about the evidence there is life after death proven through these methods of communication, read the accounts and watch the video at https://seekreality.com///proof/.

The answer to the question, “Where do we go when we die?” is in the pages that follow.

What Happens after Death?

The transition into the afterlife is as easy as closing your eyes and awakening in a comfortable, loving setting. You won’t even notice the transition, although you’ll realize when you awaken that you aren’t where you went to sleep. People who have made the transition all say it was easy and painless.

Some people find themselves outside of the body

Some people look around and see that they aren’t in their bodies anymore. There is a lifeless body sitting in a chair or lying on a bed. At first they may not realize that the body is their body. When they do, they may try to make the body wake up. They see everything going on around the body as people discover them. However, in a short time, someone comes from the spirit realm to help them understand what has happened and take them into the afterlife.

Some people go into a brief coma after death

The communications from people who have made the transition speaking from the afterlife include descriptions by people who say they went into a brief coma. They were involved in what they were doing and after a pause awaken to realize they’ve made the transition.

Is there any pain when you die?

All people speaking from the afterlife say there is no pain at the transition, even if the body is blown up in an accident or war. The person is taken from the body before the event happens.

When a person has been ill for some time and is not conscious, that person is already not using the body. The body may be moaning and writhing in pain, but that is just the automatic reactions of the body. The person is no longer there and feels no pain.

What Happens after You Die?

After the transition from the body, you may spend time on the earth plane unseen, mingling among the people, going to your own funeral, or trying to communicate with loved ones. For nearly all people, this is a brief period. You will then on to the next stage of your eternal life, what some people describe as “going to the light.”

Other people don’t spend any time on earth after leaving the body. They are immediately in the afterlife, sometimes sleeping for a short time and awakening in a setting such as a comfortable home or a recovery facility.

Awakening in a comfortable home after death

Many people awaken in a comfortable home, sometimes like the home they lived in during their childhoods if that was a happy time for them. Their loved ones are there when they awaken. Pets may crowd around. The person awakening there has just been in a sickbed or accident on earth, so they at first are confused. The loved ones around them explain what has happened and that they are in the next period of their eternal lives. It is a time full of love and joy.

Alexandra, queen consort of King Edward VII of Great Britain, describes in a recording after her death how she awoke in a setting that was just like her childhood home. This is her description from medium Leslie Flint’s session in which she came through:

I…remember very vividly awakening in a room which was very reminiscent of a room that I’ve been very fond of, many years previously in my earthly existence. In every way it seemed to be an exact replica: the colorings, the materials, the furnishings. In fact everything about it was a perfect reproduction; in fact, so much so, that I did not realize at first that I passed on at all. And I remember only too well the very beautiful view from the window, with the beautiful green grass, lawn and terrace and at the bottom, far in the distance, the river.

In the rest of her account, she said there were many family members and friends around her, as though they were in a reception. She met them with great joy.

Awakening in a recovery facility after death

Many people who are now residents of the afterlife report that they were sick in bed on earth one moment and the next woke up in a recovery facility that looks like a hospital with many beds, but no walls. They feel like they must be in a hospital, but their loved ones come to them and explain that they are in a recovery facility placed there to wake up easily and comfortably. The loved ones then accompany them out of that area into the life after this life, explaining to them what has happened to them and what will happen next.

A woman named Mary Ivans described wakening in a setting she felt must have been a hospital because she had been deathly ill. She speaks to a little girl in the next bed who is healthy and vibrant, but said she had diphtheria, an illness that was most often fatal at the time. After a short time, Mary’s sister, Kate, came to her bed. Mary was at first incredulous. “It can’t be Kate. Kate’s dead,” she remarked. Kate explained to Mary that she had died and that she would take her out of the recovery area to have a reunion with their family who had previously died.

Awakening in pleasant surroundings, such as a field

A few people describe awakening in a field or other pleasant surroundings. A man named George Wilmot described awakening under a tree in a field. He saw a horse coming to him. It was his old horse Jenny whom he loved. Jenny had come to greet him into the afterlife.

There are always reunions in the afterlife

There are always reunions with the people and pets the person loved while on earth, although the reunion may be delayed when the transition is sudden or when the person goes through a period of rest or sleep. Family, friends, and even acquaintances have a joyous coming-home experience with the new arrival.

There is a life review

Evidence from near-death experiences and mediums who have reported what people living in the life after this life have described to them corroborate the understanding that people experience a life review after making the transition. In the life review, the individual reviews all the significant actions and events during the person’s life, feeling them from the points of view of the people involved as well as the person’s point of view. There is no judgment or punishment involved. In the life review, people judge themselves, thereby experiencing profound learning from reviewing the actions and feeling the sentiments of the others involved.

There is no judgment in the afterlife

There is no judgment. There is no condemnation. We evaluate our lives in the life review and come to our own sentiments about the life we led. The life review helps the person learn from the results of their actions and perhaps the person feels regretful, sad, and dismayed, but those emotions are not inflicted upon the person. They are signs we understand the impact our actions had on people so we learn about loving through reviewing our actions.

Is there a hell in the life after death?

No one speaking through mediums from the next life describes a hell or place of torment. The concept of Hell is a myth invented by the church in the second century CE. It is simply inconceivable that the Universal Intelligence, embodying pure love, would put people into torture for a moment, let alone an eternity.

Where do you go when you die?

In the realm most people enter, called by some Summerland, there are a great many environments, but all are pleasant, with surroundings reminiscent of the environment of earth, only more beautiful than the residents are able to describe. We know where we go when we die.

The environment a person enters depends on their state of being

The environment depends on the person’s state of being and expectations. If someone is still tied to the earth and its environment, they will experience a very earthlike existence for as long as they remain at that level of thought. The descriptions we receive of the environment are filled with ecstatic descriptions of a realm just like the earth realm, but much more glorious. Everything that is lovely on earth is exceedingly lovely in the life after this life, and the environment contains additional features undreamt of on earth.

We are not changed after we die

After we die, we are the same person we were before we left earth. We’ve just changed the focus of our attention. It is as though we had boarded a plane to a distant country and landed as the same person we were when we boarded the plane.

People transition with all the attitudes and beliefs they held while in the earth environment. Some gather with like-minded people and carry on with the customs of their belief systems, especially religious belief systems. There are people living in the next life who believe they’re “sleeping,” waiting for the time when Jesus will have his second coming and people will be raised from the dead. Some who were materialist scientists on earth gather with other materialist scientists trying to find an explanation for what has happened to them. All who have such beliefs eventually grow out of them as they come to realize they aren’t true.

Where we go after death depends on our dispositions

We find ourselves in circumstances that fit our moral character developed in Earth School. Moral character is evident in the person’s good works, love, and compassion or lack of good works, hatefulness, and disdain. The afterlife is made up of many planes, spheres, or realms. People who are loving and compassionate on earth live in pleasant circumstances with others who are loving and compassionate. Their world is full of love and devoid of discord and loneliness. On the other hand, people who on earth were violent, cruel, and despicable find themselves with others who are violent, cruel, and despicable. Their surroundings match their mental and spiritual condition: they are darker, with unpleasant odors and regular unpleasant sounds coming from their bickering and fights. Living in darker, unpleasant circumstances is not the result of a judgment and certainly isn’t any form of a hell. The unfortunate people in these regions and those with them are creating the environment through their thoughts and dispositions.

Do people have bodies in the afterlife?

All who cross to the afterlife describe having a tangible body just as they had when in a physical body on earth. They have no aches and pains, however, and they feel healthy and light. They look as they did in their twenties or thirties if they transitioned at an older age. If they transitioned as children, they grow up on the other side of life. There are no diseases, deformities, or mental difficulties. People have bodies that are whole, healthy, vibrant, and young. There are no “old people,” and no old-people ailments.

People may wear any type of clothing

People may wear the type of clothing they wore in Earth School when they first enter the next realm of life, but most eventually abandon the Earth School garb for comfortable, colorful, exquisitely designed robes and prefer a light sandal for footwear. However, some prefer to go barefoot.

Who do we live with in the afterlife?

We live with people who love us and whom we love. They live with us because they chose to live with us and we chose to live with them. We are not required to live with someone we don’t want to be with. We never have to even see them. Hopefully, as the person matures, old animosities fall away, but we always have the free will to be with people we want to be with.

Where do we live in the afterlife?

We live in houses just as we do in Earth School, with yards, flowers, trees, streets, and towns. Houses are described as being elegant and clean. The houses have gardens around them, with natural soil just as on earth. People who enjoyed gardening on earth or wished they had been able to garden tend the gardens. Beautiful flowers grow continually and profusely. No one picks the flowers, however. They are left to grow naturally.

Social activities are the same as on earth

The activities in the afterlife are much the same as activities in Earth School. In our lives today, we often gather to socialize. Gatherings of people in the life after this life are the same. We attend a concert here, sitting in rows of seats with other music lovers listening to performances that excite us. The same scene with equally keen music lovers is played out regularly in the next realm. Here we have family gatherings where we meet with great joy and affection. We have the same gatherings in the next life.

Traveling can be by walking or from intending to be somewhere

People may walk to destinations, although they do have the ability to simply focus on where they would like to be and they are transported there instantly.

People may speak using sounds or communicate telepathically in the afterlife

People may communicate by making vocal sounds or through telepathy. The longer someone is a resident of the life after this life, the more interested the person is in foregoing the ponderous action of stringing words together to convey thoughts. Minds are more open to each other so thoughts are accessible by anyone through telepathy.

What happens to children in the afterlife?

Children live in a pleasant realm with other children where they play freely and learn about life and the universe. Those who died in infancy or were not carried to term for any reason are born in the afterlife and grow up there. They are available to communicate with people on earth and have wonderful reunions with their parents and siblings when all transition to the same realm.

A person’s desires and expectations remain the same after death

A person’s desires and expectations are the same immediately after death as before. The mind does not change. As a result, people may want to eat, sleep, drink, smoke, and all the other things they did when on the earth realm. Since they expect food, sleep, drinks, and smoking to be available, it is there. They don’t will it into being. What the person expects to be in their environment is there because of the expectation. However, drinking a beverage with all the properties of wine or stronger drinks does not intoxicate. It isn’t necessary to sleep, but if someone wants the experience, they lie down, and sleep comes naturally.

As the person matures away from the earth habits, expectations, and desires, the need to eat, drink, sleep, smoke, and other activities carried over from earth, extinguish.

What do people do  in the afterlife

People are industrious because being active, accomplishing goals, and serving others brings them bliss. Their work is recreation. People act out of love for one another, without expecting compensation for the work. They give of themselves in ways that make both them and the receiver joyful. Builders build houses for people who desire to have a house without expectation of being paid. They use their thoughts to create, but there is still labor involved in the building. Everyone works out of enjoyment and a desire to serve others.

Are there pets and animals in the afterlife

All of our pets and all types of animals familiar to us are in the afterlife. The fields and woodlands are populated with all the animal species, but they don’t prey on one another, and they are not afraid of each other. The animals are described as living in separate areas, but people can walk up to them and hold them. The animals are at a higher state of being than in Earth School, able to communicate through telepathy that doesn’t require speech.

There are all the forms of recreation people are familiar with

The same recreation activities people participated in on earth are available in the afterlife. There are races and other contests, but those engaged in them have only a friendly rivalry. There is no reward involved. The participants enjoy becoming more capable and accomplished, not being better than someone else. People play sports such as baseball and football in areas designed for the sports.

There are boats, cars, and motorcycles, but they move by the intention of the driver, not through burning fuels.

What is the afterlife like? More marvelous than people can describe

There are many more features of the afterlife we know about from reports by people living there conveyed through mediums. The Seek Reality Online authors’ books contain more detailed information.