Dispelling Myths about the Afterlife

Susanne Wilson Cyrus Kirkpatrick evidence of the afterlife

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is an author and investigator focusing primarily on the realm of the supernatural, communications beyond our world, mediumship, telepathy, and paranormal investigation. He is the author of Understanding Life After Death and The Afterlife and Beyond. 

Susanne Wilson is an author, teacher, and talented medium. She is the author of Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication.

In the video that follows, Susanne and Cyrus explain to an audience share their experiences, including their out-of-body experiences, subjective vs. objective realms, objective sight of spirits, meeting Montague Keen during an experiment, when philosophizing increases grief. Susanne gives unexpected readings of live audience members and more. 

Susanne Wilson Cyrus Kirkpatrick evidence of the afterlife

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