Today, Scientists Are Advancing a Different Idea of the Nature of the Earth Realm

Bernardo Kastrup on consciousness as eternal

Traditional Physicists have spent decades searching fruitlessly for what some have called a comprehensive theory of everything. A theory that would unite both quantum physics and Newtonian physics, and would unify all the fundamental interactions of nature, including gravitation, the strong interaction, the weak interaction, and electromagnetism, and would fully explain all aspects of the universe. And for the most part, among traditional materialist scientists this pursuit of a viable theory of everything has gone nowhere.

Although most scientists cannot yet admit it, most of them know that almost the only ones defending scientific materialism any more are closed-minded debunker workhorses like Richard Dawkins. Just old polemicists who have devoted their lives to defending materialism and are at this point reduced to trying to debunk bits of the tidal wave of evidence contrary to materialism that now engulfs them. Here is what the remarkable Rupert Sheldrake has to say about one of his encounters with Richard Dawkins.

Fortunately for the future of the long-term pursuit of the truth, there are some wonderful young scientists already working to put together humankind’s glorious post-materialist-dogmas scientific future! Among the most promising of these is Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, a Dutch Ph.D. computer scientist with a specialty in artificial intelligence who is doing some amazing work on, among other things, developing a consciousness-based theory of everything. Dr. Kastrup is not bound by any of the old materialist dogmas. He understands that consciousness is primary and that it pre-exists matter. And he is an astonishingly powerful free-thinker. Eight years ago, while still in his thirties, Dr. Kastrup developed a preliminary theory of everything in the only place where one ever will be found, in the field of consciousness science. Then on April 29, 2019, Dr. Kastrup was awarded a second Ph.D., this one in the philosophy of mind and ontology. His new degree was awarded by no less than Radboud University, which is arguably the best classical university in the Netherlands. Dr. Kastrup’s second Ph.D. thesis is a companion volume to his book, The Idea of the World: A Multi-Disciplinary Argument For the Mental Nature of Reality. And fortunately for us, his P.D. defense was given in English, which is now science’s lingua franca. It is technical, but it is spellbinding. Enjoy!

The greatest living scientist in this field may in fact not be a traditional scientist at all.  Dr. R. Craig Hogan is the head of,, and Dr. Hogan has devoted his life to educating as many people as possible about the truth in some essential areas that traditional materialist scientists will not touch. First, of course, is the fact that consciousness is primary and it pre-exists matter. And second is the fact that our lives are eternal.  Here is a lovely series of videos by Dr. Hogan which demonstrate (a) that the mind is not inside the brain; (b) that the brain is unnecessary; and (c) that in fact there is nothing but mind and experience.

The truth is that nothing else but consciousness exists. Our minds are part of that one consciousness, not as separate bits but in one indivisible whole; and since this is true, our minds are eternal. We cannot say this often enough! Your mind is where you always live, not only now but forevermore. And the world is only an idea in your mind.

Bernardo Kastrup on consciousness as eternal

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