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What Are Spiritually Transformative Experiences?

John R. Audette is a longtime scholar of spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). He is the principal founder of the International Association for…

proof we don't die

We Will Never Die: Susanne Wilson Interviews Seek Reality Online President Craig Hogan

Medium Susanne Wilson interviews Seek Reality Online and Afterlife Research and Eduation president Craig Hogan about his work, the afterlife, and proof…

People Awakening from Distressing Events Report NDEs That Changed Their Lives

This video by Australian channel SBS Insight contains interviews with people who met with deceased loved ones while in a coma.  Examples come…

Researcher Sonia Rinaldi Records Voices of People in the Afterlife

Sonia Rinaldi is a researcher from Brazil who records the voices and images of people living in the afterlife. The voices and…

I Could See My Stepfather in Spirit Standing Right Next to My Mother

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley is the author of two books, The Gift of Crisis and the forthcoming channeled text The Visioneers’ Handbook. A passionate and dedicated student…

You can heal yourself

How You Can Heal Yourself and Change Your Life

After an auto accident in 2003 left her paralyzed and in pain, doctors gave Brandy Gilmore no hope of recovery. So she…

Proof life exists on other planets

Four Speakers in the Afterlife Explain that UFOs Are Real Visitors

Many people living in the afterlife coming through mediums speak about life in other parts of the universe and the reality of…

Near-death experiences

Remarkable Near-Death Experience Accounts

Heather Tesch has developed a wonderful podcast with near-death experiences that help answer the question, “What happens when you die?” In her…

How to choose a qualified medium

How to Choose a Qualified Medium for Afterlife Communication

You can have an uplifting, successful communication with your loved one living in the afterlife. You just have to follow these guidelines.…

You Can Communicate with Loved Ones in the Afterlife Using Automatic Writing

You can learn to communicate with your loved ones living in the afterlife. One way is through automatic writing. In automatic writing,…

Where we go after death

What Determines Where We Live in the Afterlife?

People speaking to us from the afterlife through mediums tell us where people go after death. It’s not a mystery.  The recording…

How You Can Awaken Yourself to Your True Nature

TJ Woodward is a kind of public visionary whose special calling has been helping people who have substance abuse issues. His first…