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Support AREI and Seek Reality Online to have access to the latest information about this life and the afterlife.

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How to have afterlife communication

Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts

Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts, created and edited by R. Craig Hogan, president of Seek Reality Online, contains descriptions of…

A Physician in the Afterlife Gives Arriving People Special Treatment

A man known as Dr. Franke came through in a Leslie Flint session describing what happens in these recovery areas. Dr. Franke…

Proof of life after death - A dead man talks to his mother

“The Church Will Not Save You,” Says a Man in the Afterlife

Michael Fearon, Biology Teacher Killed in WWII A man named Michael Fearon, formerly a biology master at Taunton School in the UK,…

What it is like in the afterlife

A Woman Describes What It Is Like in the Afterlife

A woman named Mary Ann Ross living in the life after this life described what life is like in the afterlife. She…

Elizabeth Fry describes what life is like in the afterlife

A Woman in the Afterlife Describes People Who Are Earthbound Like Ghosts

Elizabeth Fry Explains What Ghosts Are In an audio recording dated April 29, 1963, from a Leslie Flint seance, Elizabeth Fry, a prominent…

Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die

We Have the Proof of Life After Death You are having a brief experience in Earth School to learn lessons, grow in…


How We Deny Ourselves the Love, Peace, and Joy That Should Fill Our Lives and What We Can Do About It

We can live in a world full of misery and unhappiness, or we can live in a world filled with love, peace,…

Children must learn the reality of the afterlife

Study Shows Children Are Born Creative Geniuses and Education Dumbs Us Down

A study shows that children are endowed with remarkable creative powers, but lose them as they grow older. Society dumbs us down.

A Woman Spontaneously Speaks Sanskrit Fluently without Prior Knowledge of the Language

Our Minds Draw Experiences from the Greater Reality The book, There Is Nothing but Mind and Experiences,* by Seek Reality Online co-founder…

Don’t Neanderthals, Dinosaurs, and the Big Bang Prove the Universe Evolved by Accident?

The history of the universe in current cosmology, conclusions about how the Earth must have been created, the fossil record indicating the…

Accounts of Psychotherapists Guiding Clients into After-Death Communications

Rochelle Wright, a Washington-state licensed mental health counselor and certified therapist in eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), originated the Repair & Reattachment…

A Woman in the Afterlife Says Thoughts of Authors Speak as You Read

Leslie Flint was a twentieth-century direct-voice medium. Voices of people living in the afterlife come through audibly and clearly. Today, we have…