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How to have afterlife communication - Seek reality

You Can Learn How to Have Your Own Afterlife Communications

You don’t need a medium to communicate with your loved ones living in the afterlife. Your love makes the connection possible. You just have to learn how to allow their messages to come through to you.

Dr. Hogan will train you how to have your own afterlife communications in three one-hour sessions. You will learn how to be more open to messages from your loved ones now living on another plane of life. This training is not a one-time meditation you go through. It will teach you how to enter a state of mind in which afterlife connections can and do occur. They happen in 86% of the people who go through the training.

You Will Learn to Enter the State of Mind That Allows You to Have Afterlife Communications

The goal of the training is for you to learn how to enter the state of mind to connect with your loved one at any time, in any place. You won’t need the meditation music or guidance provided during the training. When you sense your loved one’s presence, you can quiet yourself and have a dialogue with them. When you need to feel they’re near or you need help, you can ask them to come to you and you can know their messages for you. You will listen to meditation music and a narration guiding you at first, but by Stage 7 in the training program, you will be able to enter the state of mind by yourself, with no help.

You Will Start a New Relationship with Your Loved One

You will establish a new relationship or enhance an existing relationship with your loved one living in the realm next door. Your new relationship will stay strong until you are both again living in the same realm. You will connect often. Some people connect every day. Through the connections, you will live a fuller, richer life, and your loved ones will help you learn during your time in earth school. This is what one person wrote in her journal about her Self-Guided Afterlife Connection experiences:

It is like I am learning soul stuff and what I need to realize as a soul so that I can make the most of my time here. It is like my family on the other side is helping me as much or more then when they were here. It is amazing. It really felt like my sister only much more loving and I feel like I know who she is more then I did when she was here.

This training is in three sessions, once a week, one hour per session. Dr. Hogan will lead you into learning how to allow the unfoldment required to allow messages to come through.

Hour 1:

  • Learn the nature of afterlife communication and how you can know the communication is coming from loved ones, guides, helpers, and entities interested in helping you.
  • Learn how to allow free unfoldment that allows the messages to come through.

Hour 2:

  • Learn how to open up to messages from loved ones and respond.
  • Learn how to identify the messages coming through and when thoughts are imagination and which are communications.

Hour 3:

  • Practice opening up to messages.
  • Learn how to sit quietly and have dialogues anytime, anywhere.

    He will then teach you how to receive the messages.

  • Learn how to have your own afterlife communications at any time.

Cost of this one-on-one training is $400.

It is unlikely you won’t have a connection, but if you are unable to have an afterlife communication, your fee will be refunded.