What Is Life in Heaven Like?

What is life in heaven like

What Is Life in Heaven Like?

If you wonder about whether your afterlife is going to involve sitting around  playing a harp forevermore, we have some great news! There is so much more to do in the afterlife than there is to do here on earth that there can be nothing but playtime, forevermore! When we graduate to our eternal lives, we have healthy young bodies and no need to sleep, night never falls, the weather is great, and we have what amounts to infinite time. And we never will be bored! You will be amazed to see all the wonderful things that you are going to find to do when you arrive in the afterlife. Here is just a sample:

  • Mikey Morgan, the sixth-level being who communicates through his mother, tells us that the snowboarding there is fantastic! The snow isn’t cold, and since it is impossible for us to harm our astral bodies, his snowboarding skills are now at an Olympic level. You can also ski, swim, mountain-climb, run, do gymnastics, bicycle, skate, and do whatever else you feel like doing. Your astral body never tires.
  • Playing with Small Craft. Another very popular pastime is tooling around in small one- and two-seater craft of all kinds, from sportscars and boats to small planes. Everything is powered by mind, so there is no exhaust.
  • Attending concerts in open-air amphitheaters is huge in the afterlife! And somehow, even if every seat is taken, everyone feels as if they are sitting in the center of the first row. Everything from classical music through Sinatra, John Lennon, and Elvis in all his variations is available for the asking.
  • Performing on Your Own. Many people who never got to perform on earth as singers or as musicians will give it a try in heaven, and they can find a ready audience.
  • Learning to Play Musical Instruments. Those who never had the opportunity to learn to play the piano or the violin can take lessons in heaven, and our minds there are so much more enhanced that they can learn rapidly and well. Some of these people will then reincarnate, and be acclaimed in early childhood as musical prodigies.
  • Learning Arts and Crafts. We can learn to paint from Michelangelo, or learn to draw from Da Vinci. There is a report of people learning to sew on mind-operated crystal sewing machines.
  • Researching Past Lives and Historical Events. There are great libraries where we can review our own past lives, and also historical events, as holograms.
  • History- and Novel- Themed Parks. We know of a Dickens Park and a Wild West Park, where people can don costumes and play at being characters in novels or movies. No doubt there are parks with many more themes.
  • Traveling on Earth and in the Universe. Because our bodies are indestructible, and all travel is by mind and instantaneous, some people become adventurous travelers to distant planets. At the very least, it can be enjoyable to see Paris or the pyramids if you never managed to see them in life.
  • Traveling in Time. Some people enjoy visiting the Summerland heyday of the Plains Indians, when the American Midwest teemed with buffalo.

There is, quite literally, an infinity of things to do! And in a place without time, there is endless time in which to try everything.

What is life in heaven like

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