What Does Heaven Look Like?

The wonderful thing about heaven is that it looks so amazingly like home, but perfected! Some of those who die in their sleep wake up in a house that might even look so much like the house in which they died that cannot believe that they actually have died until someone takes them to the front door and opens it, and they look out and realize that, oh my goodness, the whole neighborhood is gone! In its place is a grassy hillside full of flowers, teeming with birds and butterflies, and an endless orange-and-purple sky with snow-capped mountains in the distance.

All the wonders of the afterlife are going to take you a little while to discover. But that is just fine, because in the afterlife there is no time. There is no work to do, nothing to worry about, and nothing whatsoever to fear. After your hard and stressful life on earth, you can think of your period after death as a vacation time that will go on for as long as you like! So, what does it look like there?

  • Heaven is Solid. You can forget about an afterlife lived on clouds. The matter in the afterlife is not made of atoms and molecules, but rather it is something more like alabaster: it is mind-created, and in some lights it is just a bit translucent at the edges. But it is solid, and it never decays, so everything looks and feels brand-new.
  • The Colors in Heaven Are Brilliant. One thing that amazes people when they first arrive is that there are many more colors there than there are here because the colors are not limited by the visible light spectrum.
  • The Light is Diffuse. There is no sun in a sky that can be any shade at all. And night never falls, but it is always a perfect seventy-six-degrees sort of lovely afternoon. Although on the other hand, if you want to experience localized weather, rain or snow or even the feel of night, you can have that, too. The white ambient light of the afterlife feels like love, which is in fact what it is.
  • The Vegetation Seems Aware. Grass and trees are not necessarily green, although they can be green. Flowers can be very tall, with faces bigger than your head. One surprising thing is that the vegetation will love you as you walk by, the trees will reach and caress you with their branches, and the flowers will turn their faces to you. Flowers give off lovely scents, subtle music, and nourishing energy. People bury their faces in them and breathe them in. We don’t eat in the afterlife, but instead the vegetation nourishes us.
  • The Water is Alive. The water in the afterlife is amazing! It looks and flows and sparkles like water, but it feels like silk, and you can walk into it fully clothed and come out of it dry. It gives off a subtle music and a rejuvenating energy, so like the flowers, it is a source of our nourishment.
  • The Cities are Colorful and Eccentric. Building things in the afterlife is easy. We simply draw up the plans, and then a few more advanced beings will come together and think our building or monument into existence. It will stay in place for so long as it is wanted; or if it isn’t wanted anymore, it can be disappeared just as easily as it was created.
  • Most Entertainment Happens in Vast Open-Air Coliseums. And something about those coliseums makes it feel as if each one of us is in the center of the first row. Elvis, Sinatra, and John Lennon are three of the headliners that we have heard play often before infinite crowds, but even unknowns on earth can find a ready audience, and they even can become afterlife stars. Music sounds much better there than it does here, and it even actually can be seen as lovely, colorful forms that take shape in the sky above the performers.  
  • All Travel is by Mind. We can have vehicles if we like, but they are play-vehicles powered by mind because we don’t need vehicles for travel. Most people prefer to live in the countryside, because we all can travel wherever we want instantly, and no matter how far, just by thinking that we want to be there.

And believe it or not, that is only a taste of the beautiful wonders that await you in heaven! Try to grow spiritually as much as you can on earth, because the more you can raise your spiritual vibration here, the higher you can travel in heaven, and the more you will be able to see there!   


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