A Woman’s Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Experience

A woman going through the self-guided afterlife connections training described this in her Stage 3 experience.

Both experiences were incredibly vivid in every detail !

In the first exercise, the little girl had very pale skin and carrot red hair … she had a fringe and her hair was tied in pigtails. She had freckles and was wearing what seemed to me to be an old fashioned “play suit” – it certainly wasn’t anything you’d see a little girl dressed in from this era. I’m guessing she was around 4 or 5 years of age. She was playing on the beach beside me with her bucket and spade and when I said hello she chirped up rather happily with a “hello” back to me. I could sense an incredible joyful and cheeky energy from this little cutie 🤣

As this was my first experience I found myself very soon after that counting myself back into the room.

The second experience took place in the dessert and as I sat up on a hill looking out to the horizon I could see and hear the lightening and thunder of a storm making its way towards me. Once again the colours were very vivid [as in the storm clouds etc) and all the surrounding environment was stunning in every detail !
The “stand out” for me with this experience was the complete and profound sense of peace and tranquility that I felt both “inside” and “outside” … in particular the “Spirit” or essence of the dessert.

It’s hard to put into words really !

I look forward to continuing this “training” and I’m very grateful to have your guidance with me Craig. I am in awe as to how the synchronicity and timing of this experience has opened up for me ! My “bestie” slipped thru the “veil” a week ago and whilst neither of us believe in death, I now see this “communication” as an opening to an incredible expansion of “my” life on every level.