Physicist Amit Goswami Explains Why Consciousness Is the Basic of Reality, without a Material Realm

Amit Goswami and eternal life

Dr. Amit Goswami, Physicist

An approach to reality called the dualist approach suggests that Mind is separate from matter and influences our brains and the world of matter that is outside of us. However, Dr. Amit Goswami, the quantum physicist, explains that mind apart from matter cannot influence matter because that would add energy from outside the system. The law of the conservation of energy states that the amount of energy in the system will always be the same. If immaterial consciousness influenced matter, the action would add energy, which is not possible.

Dr. Goswami writes, “The idea of matter-mind duality seemed to violate a sacrosanct scientific law that was discovered in the nineteenth century, the law of conservation of energy—energy of the physical universe alone always remains a constant, in all transactions. The thinking went like this: if the nonmaterial psyche interacted with matter, such interactions must involve signals that carry energy, and so energy would escape and enter the physical universe contrary to the energy conservation law.”[i]

We know Mind is not created by the brain. In the dualist explanation, Mind is independent of the material realm, so it contains no matter or energy from a physical realm. However, if Mind is to use a material body to navigate a physical world, it must add energy to the physical realm in every body activity. If Mind adds energy in any way, since the energy isn’t in the totality of matter and energy that exists in a world the materialists believe exists independent of the mind, it must be adding energy.

There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet influencing the matter in their lives. That means a tremendous amount of energy would be added to the system as people act in their daily lives to influence matter.

The conclusion must be that since Mind is active in Earth School and Mind is not created by matter. Matter and energy must be Mind stuff.

[i]    Amit Goswami, “Quantum Politics: Part 1,” March 31, 2015,