Mediumistic Painting by José Medrado (a Public Session in Scotland)

José Medrado is a medium with many abilities, some he had from childhood, others developed in adolescence. He started to paint mediumistically when he was 27 years old. An orphanage in Brazil called the Cidade da Luz (City of Light) was in need of funding to stay open. Medrado had a visit from the spirit of the famous long-dead painter, Renoir, with a proposal to provide funding for the orphanage by having Renoir and other art masters in the afterlife paint through him and sell the paintings. As he put it, he was proposing to transform paint into bread. And he was going to turn Medrado into a human paintbrush to be used by these masters to paint beautiful artwork.

The action has been termed Psycho-Pictography.

At first, Medrado was reluctant to accept the invitation because he had never done any painting course and did not understand art. But he was soon persuaded because of the good it would do for the orphanage.

Medrado’s Psycho-Pictography faculty was first  suppressed in case Medrado neglected the philanthropic purposes when money started coming in. Since then, Medrado has produced a non-stop stream of artwork.

Medrado also does sculpture and porcelain painting, through the inspiration of the artists in spirit. You can look at his work at

In the video that follows, you will see Medrado painting one after another canvas, often not looking at the convases at all. His work has become the main source for the Cidade da Luz.