NDE Reports Lead to the Conclusion There Is Life after Death

Jeffrey Long, a radiation oncologist based in Houma, Louisiana, has conducted extensive research on near-death experiences (NDEs), which he defines as events that occur as a person is dying or has already clinically died. In 1998, Dr. Long founded the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, which he launched on the World Wide Web (www.nderf.org). Over the course of ten years, the foundation collected data from 1,300 people worldwide who had experienced NDEs. Respondents of different races, religions, and nationalities shared their stories and answered a detailed 100-page questionnaire. Dr. Long believes that these individuals are united by a common thread: after facing a tragedy, they were propelled into a state of wonder, love, and mystery that transformed their lives.

In the book, the author explores 12 elements commonly reported in near-death experiences (NDEs), using illustrations and accounts from individuals who have experienced them. These elements include out-of-body experiences, heightened senses, life reviews, encounters with other beings, such as mystical or deceased loved ones, and the acquisition of special knowledge. Dr. Long argues that the

In the final section of the book, Dr. Long presents nine points to support this conclusion. These include crystal-clear consciousness, realistic out-of-body experiences, heightened senses, consciousness during anesthesia, perfect playback of past events, family reunions, children’s experiences, worldwide consistency, and aftereffects. Throughout the book, Dr. Long also responds to skeptics who question the validity of these nine points, while also summarizing some of the transformative changes that NDEs can bring about, such as increased love for others, psychic events, unexplained healings, and reduced fear of death.