William O’Neil Speaks to Dr. Mueller Living in the Next Life

George Meek
William O’Neil
Dr. George Jeffries Mueller
The Spiricom Equipment

William O’Neil Speaks to Dr. George Jeffries Mueller 20 Years after Dr. Mueller’s Body Had Died

George W. Meek, director of Research Metascience Foundation, was a retired industrialist who had revolutionized the air-conditioning industry and had made a small fortune on a series of patents. At a séance attended by Meek, a spirit describing himself as “a discarnate scientist” gave Meek the idea of building a mechanical device that could be used to communicate with the dead. Meek became obsessed with achieving two-way conversation with people living in the life after this life through an electronic device. Six years later in 1977, Meek met a medium named William (Bill) O’Neil who was an electronics engineer. O’Neil’s spirit guide Doc Nick, said he was a ham radio operator while on earth and suggested the use of certain audio frequencies on the radio to record voices instead of the “white noise” used by most researchers when trying to record voices from the life after this life. Doc Nick gave O’Neil and Meek technical information for building the communications device, and a list of frequencies that might result in hearing voices. Another person in spirit then joined the team: Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, who materialized in O’Neil’s living room at one of their sittings. In October, 1977, O’Neil and Meek built the first electronic device following the guidelines from Doc Nick. They named it Spiricom. O’Neil and Meek began listening intently to the buzzing of the device that was a medium for the voices to come through. As they listened, Dr. Mueller spoke through the buzzing. Among other things, he gave the listeners his social security number and told them where to find his death certificate. He said he had been a college professor before his body died in 1967. Meek and O’Brien checked out the information and all of it was correct. A short segment of a recording of Bill O’Neil using the equipment to speak to Dr. Mueller is below. A link to a longer recording follows that short segment. The fact that Dr. Mueller was able to communicate with Meek and O’Neil 10 years after his body had died demonstrates that he survived the death of his body. He was articulate, identified himself by name and position, and spoke about current occurrences. The recordings demonstrate that Dr. Mueller was very much alive.
A full video of a number of clips of William O’Neil communicating with Dr. Mueller follows.