The Afterlife for Children: What Happens When They Die?

Child Loss: Navigating What Happens After Children Die | Seek reality

Where Does a Child Go after Death? Does the Child Go to the Afterlife?

The children’s realm is a utopia that functions as a self-sustaining community, designed to provide its youthful inhabitants with all the amenities necessary for their comfort, education, pleasure, and joy. This heavenly domain was fashioned by inspired individuals who were guided by the greatest Mind, and it also serves as a sanctuary for those who pass away at a young age, where they can continue to learn and grow spiritually. Shedding any unnecessary knowledge, they gain spiritual insights that are essential to their progress. In this realm, all children have equal opportunities and spiritual rights, regardless of age, just as in our mortal world. Our ultimate goal is to attain perfect and eternal happiness. Monsignor Hugh Benson’s revelations on Life in the World Unseen offer insights into this celestial realm.

The death of a child at any age is the most painful experience life can bring.

The grief it carries is a process to be managed, but it isn’t something you ever really get over. The afterlife evidence has a lot to tell us about how our children are enjoying their lives in the afterlife. From the perspective of the child, early death leads to a beautiful childhood full of love and joy. All children go to heaven.

Those in spirit who are given the special duty of managing childhood transitions already deeply know and love each child.

Kind, loving, compassionate people in the afterlife take special care to make certain that children who are leaving their bodies will never know fear. If a beloved relative has transitioned before the child, then Grandma or Aunt Jane will come to the child’s bedside and playfully lure the child away. Or otherwise, the deathbed greeter might be an angel, a princess or Star Wars hero, or perhaps smiling Mother Mary. If a pet has gone ahead, then that pet might be there, too. The point is to make the moment of freedom from the body a happy time for the child, and to urge the child to leave the deathbed scene and the mourners as quickly and as playfully as possible.

Often, pre-adolescent children who die will first be given some distracting treat.

Tales abound in the afterlife literature of children in the afterlife being taken at once to astral fields so they can play with the lambs, or led to the door of a beautiful child-sized playhouse that contains other like-aged children. A little girl might transition in her sleep and wake up in a princess castle, or a boy might wake up in the stable of the pony he had wanted in life. Especially if there are no familiar people who have gone ahead and are available to greet the transitioning child, it is important to ensure that these children will at once feel healthy and distracted and nurtured. Children who were very ill might even need a hospital setting at first in order for them to feel safe, and in their case they will first arrive in an enriched hospital-like environment with other children, and with animals to play with.

What happens to stillborn, miscarried, or aborted fetus?

They are carried directly to the villages where they will be born in the next life and grow to young adulthood. It is striking, and important, to realize that those who manage these pre-birth deaths make no distinction between aborted fetuses and those that had been wanted by their parents.

Do Children Who Die Grow Up in Heaven?

If a familiar relative or friend is already there, then growing up in her Heavenly home is often seen by those who oversee this process to be the best option for the child. Too often, though, there is no one really suited to doing what the dead seem to see as the most important task of all in their world: the gentle rearing of children who have died and are separated from their earthly parents.

All children go to heaven. There are beautiful group homes and villages where children can grow up at their own pace in an atmosphere of perfect love.

Even babies and young children in Heaven will grow to young adulthood in what seems to be perhaps eight to ten earth-years; but since they are living outside of time, they can let their maturing take as long as they like. The children’s homes and villages in the afterlife levels are off-limits to any but those carefully-chosen people who make of the perfect rearing of these children a beautiful and sacred joy. This is the summary of a message from a resident of the afterlife:

The realm of children is akin to a self-contained township, replete with every conceivable provision for the well-being, comfort, education, pleasure, and happiness of its young inhabitants. This utopia, created by inspired minds guided by the greatest Mind, extends to those who pass on from the earthly plane in their early years, continuing their spiritual education from where they left off. This includes discarding knowledge that is no longer of use and adding essential spiritual insights. In this realm, all children have equal opportunities and rights to their spiritual heritage, just as we do here, regardless of age. Our common goal is perfect, perpetual happiness. This is according to Monsignor Hugh Benson's insights on Life in the World Unseen.

Even babies and young children in Heaven will grow to young adulthood in what seems to be perhaps eight to ten earth-years; but since they are living outside of time, they can let their maturing take as long as they like. The children’s homes and villages in the afterlife levels are off-limits to any but those carefully-chosen people who make of the perfect rearing of these children a beautiful and sacred joy.

Do children in heaven miss their families?

Children in the afterlife very quickly adjust to their new lives. They have the ability to look in on us, and there is so much to do there in an atmosphere of perfect love that happiness is everyone’s natural setpoint. They miss doing things the family did, but know the family is OK and soon they’ll all have a reunion.

Nothing can replace the love of their earthly parents.

But in the childhood areas of the afterlife levels, children will never know pain, or fear, or any negative emotion. They live immersed in love and joy. We have good recorded communications received through deep-trance mediums in the first decades of the twentieth century, when many of those who had recently died had lived rather hardscrabble lives. I recall reading one communication that was received about 1910 in which a man who had recently died complained about how much he envied those who had died as young children because they had enjoyed such happy childhoods in Heaven. They had no way to understand how painful his own childhood had been!

What Happens to Young-Adult Children Who Have Died?

The loss of a child at any age is going to be the cause of agonizing pain, but it is important to understand that every new arrival in the afterlife is similarly cherished and loved. Even if your own child has committed crimes, or has died due to a drug overdose or a suicide, there is no judgment by anyone. There is no blame or condemnation. And if your child needs rehabilitation and counseling, he or she will get plenty of that! Then, once your older child is lovingly prepared for it and is helped to see how he or she might have made more loving and productive choices, there is a life-review that is meant to heal and educate. Every child of every age is perfectly loved. No matter how their lives went here, they remain eternal beings who receive all the love and understanding and nurturance that their parents here devoutly wish that they still were able to give to them.

Children Who Die Have Reunions with Us in Heaven

Oh, the hugs! The laughter! The tears of joy! Even if your child was stillborn or miscarried, you will be greeted by a lovely young adult, and frankly that can be a shock to some who didn’t realize they even had a child. I recall in particular one tale from the afterlife literature of a woman who died about nineteen-twenty who had managed to have four abortions. Someone who witnessed her arrival in the afterlife reported to his family this woman’s shock at being greeted by four young people who loved her and hugged her and called her “Mom.” Grown children will have been so close to their parents during the balance of their lives after those children’s deaths that they know all the details of the rest of their lives. And they will have a lot to share, too, about what they have been up to during the separation. All children who have died are given a party (they seem to party a lot in Heaven). And having these children with them again makes the parents’ welcome-home parties especially joyous.

Many of those who have gone before us will attempt to send us signs of their survival, and this is especially true of our children of any age. Deep grief is a negative energy that can act as a barrier to communication, so as difficult as it may be for parents, it is important that we do what we can to manage our grief so it won’t block contacts from our children who have gone before us. It is important that parents be alert for signs. If anything is noticed that might be a sign – even if there is a lot of doubt – Just say aloud, “Thank you! I see that. Please do it again!” Parents who watch for and acknowledge signs can sometimes be deluged with them. Look for butterflies, dragonflies, cardinals, blue jays, feathers, flowers, pennies or nickels or dimes, meaningful scents or songs, and synchronicities of any kind. Don’t insist on one particular kind of sign, but be open to anything! Just be aware that if you don’t respond, our loved ones generally will stop trying pretty quickly, so it is better to respond even if you doubt that something actually is a sign. Who cares if people think you might be crazy if they spot you chatting with the empty air? This is your baby we’re talking about here! Once you open a good communication channel, you can enjoy years of pennies or dragonflies or whatever you and your child might settle on together.

Consulting a good spiritual medium can help to reassure you that your child is doing well.

Make certain, though, that you check references. The Afterlife Research and Education Institute has sources containing the lists of qualified mediums at

It is terrible when a child dies, but please never for a moment forget that your child is an eternal being.

For certain you will be together again. This relationship goes on forever! He or she will grow up in the afterlife in an atmosphere of perfect love. While we can’t see them, I am delighted to tell you that they are able to see us, and they will watch over us for the rest of our lives so the family is unbroken. Keep mementoes, allow yourself to grieve, and lovingly talk to your child because your child will often still be around you and even a child who died before birth will understand what you are saying. Go on to live your best possible life and make all your children proud of you. Then one day soon, before you know it, you will be hugging the most beautiful young adult that you can possibly imagine!

Child Loss: Navigating What Happens After Children Die | Seek reality

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