What Is Life in the Afterlife Like?

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What Is Life in the Afterlife Like?

We have libraries of evidence of what happens to you after you die. So much that it’s tragic most people know little about the afterlife. Now, let’s discuss the greatest news ever received by mankind! While religions often share fictitious and occasionally alarming tales about the afterlife, and scientists dismiss the notion of our survival after death, the truth cannot remain hidden for much longer. It’s time to disseminate the truth to every corner of the globe, making it accessible to all!

Before we move on to consider the infinite wonders that await us all, let’s first set the general scene and clear up some common misconceptions. Those who have completed their transitions tell us consistently that:

  • Every set of religious beliefs has God wrong. The only genuine Source turns out to be in reality all that exists. It is Mind, or to put it differently, it’s what we experience in a limited way as human consciousness. Mind fills the genuine afterlife as an ambient pure white light, and as perfect love so intense that the dead tell us the experience of it is indescribably happy.
  • Every set of religious beliefs has the afterlife wrong. In the afterlife, there are no religious customs to follow. Every person who passes away enters the same afterlife, and our position in the afterlife is determined by the extent to which we have elevated our consciousness vibrations. No one but ourselves judges us in the afterlife, and Jesus’ death on the cross has not affected the afterlife for anyone. Therefore, regardless of any preconceived notions or beliefs you may hold about the afterlife due to religion or culture, you can now release them with a sense of joyous relief.
  • No living person has been to the afterlife. Those who reside there consistently tell us that death is always a one-way trip. So no NDE account, no account from an astral traveler, and no dream or vision can tell us much about the afterlife details. In fact, the general astral plane in which NDEs and OBEs happen is enormous. It may be as big as the entire universe, and it includes some wonderful mimics of the afterlife realities where astral travelers and dreamers can meet with the dead and share some wonderful experiences. So it is all good! But NDEs do not happen in the afterlife. To really understand what the afterlife is like, we are dependent exclusively on descriptions by people who have left their bodies completely and gone to the next life.
  • To those living there, the afterlife seems endless. One of the things that really strike new arrivals after our earth-lives spent squashed together on this planet is that the afterlife is not crowded at all! Both size and time are subjective once we leave this material universe, so the afterlife is at once infinite in size and smaller than a pencil-dot. It has no actual size, but we experience it as gigantic.
  • The matter in the afterlife is different from the matter in this material universe, but feels the same. It is solid, but without a cellular or atomic structure, and in some lights it is somewhat translucent. Think of colorful living alabaster. The colors there go beyond the visible light spectrum, so there are many that we cannot imagine; and there is no death or decay, so no leaf or petal falls and even ancient buildings look brand-new. Everything is at least somewhat conscious, so flowers will turn their faces to us, and trees will caress us as we pass. The water looks like water but it feels like silk, it is dry, and it is oddly alive. The water in the afterlife gives off subtle music and an astounding rejuvenating energy, so people routinely walk into the water in the afterlife fully clothed and leave it with their clothing dry and feeling nourished and refreshed.
  • Our bodies in the afterlife are young and beautiful. Most of us prefer to look as we did in our most recent earth-lifetime at the prime of life, but that is up to us. Some prefer to look as they did in a different lifetime, or they choose another appearance altogether; or if they are very advanced beings, they might choose to appear as a tall and glowing being, or even as a ball of light. We recognize one another by our personal energy signatures, so it doesn’t much matter how we look.
  • Our sensory abilities in the afterlife are much stronger. Our mind-sight is nearly 360 degrees, and it is perfect even at vast distances. One man who had been almost blind at death told his children when they contacted him through a medium that he could see every separate leaf on every tree on a hill that he estimated was fifty miles away. And our afterlife hearing is similarly enhanced.
  • Our afterlife communication is by mind almost exclusively. Not only does this ensure that we can communicate with people who on earth spoke different languages, but also apparently communication by mind is more precise. When Thomas Jefferson, who on earth was a great wordsmith, communicated through direct-voice medium Leslie Flint in the early sixties, he complained that having to speak words again was hard! He said, “Aligning with vibration, tuning in, remembering things that one wishes to say, transmission of thought into sound, words, words, often words which don’t indicate anything clearly at least what one feels, I find extremely difficult.”
  • Weather in the afterlife is optional, and night never falls. It is generally what they tell us is about seventy-five degrees and vaguely sunny but without an actual sun, although there is evidence that if you want darkness or rain or snow, you can have it in your localized spot just by wishing for it.
  • There are infinite consciousness gradations, but we talk in terms of seven overall Levels. The lowest two afterlife levels are what Jesus calls “the Outer Darkness, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth” (MT 8:12). Levels Three through Five are the beautiful Summerland. Level Six is what is sometimes called the causal or the teaching level, which is attainable only by almost-perfected beings. Those who reside there teach in the lower levels as they finish their learning and prepare to join the Godhead at Level Seven. The Summerland is so earthlike that some who die in their sleep have trouble believing that they have died. Nearly everyone seems to return to the afterlife at Level Three, which is apparently the level at which many incarnated beings routinely vibrate. If we die in our sleep, we may wake up in a mimic of our familiar earth-home, so the only way to convince us that we actually have died might be to urge us to go outside and see that its neighborhood is gone. The more advanced we are spiritually, the higher we can venture, and by the top of Level Five the scenery becomes quite fanciful.
  • The Summerland areas of the afterlife are culturally specific. Most of the good afterlife evidence is at least a century old, and back then the British and North American Summerlands were quite similar. There were formal gardens and beautiful buildings, flowing water and fountains, and lots of gorgeous trees and flowers. In the  North American afterlife, though, there were some modern buildings, and in the North American distance there were snow-capped mountains. If you died in a foreign culture back then at what was not a planned exit-point, you could actually find yourself in that culture’s Summerland! Someone talked through a medium about having died in China and arrived in a Chinese Summerland that included pagodas and Oriental details. (If this happens to you, just call for your loved ones and they will arrive to take you home to your own culture’s familiar afterlife.)
  • Love is all there is. In the genuine afterlife, love is the intense white ambient light and the very air we breathe. Except in the miserable Outer Darkness afterlife level, there is no negativity in the afterlife at all, and until we reach the top of Level Five, without negativity to push against we cannot grow spiritually unless we enter yet another earth-incarnation. By contrast, the gigantic astral plane is structured something like the afterlife, but it does contains some negative energies. It is for this reason, along with others, that it is important to keep reminding people that no one living ever has been to the genuine afterlife! But there are many afterlife-mimic areas in the astral plane where our dead loved ones come and meet with us, and where we also meet with our spirit guides. The astral plane is wonderful and amazing, and there is much that we can learn from those who have visited there; but the astral plane not the actual afterlife, and therefore those who visit there can tell us very little about what the actual afterlife is like.

Please go back and thoughtfully re-read this list. Use its details to build a picture of the afterlife in your mind.