How Can a Qualified Grief Counselor Help Me Connect with my Loved One?

How Can a Qualified Grief Counselor Help Me Connect with my Loved One? | Seek Reality

Grief Counselor Allan Botkin, PsyD

Grief Counselor Rochelle Wright, MS

~~~~ We ought to expect that since people live on after their bodies die, people who specialize in working with the mind such as psychotherapists would have had some contact with people living in the next life. That is in fact what has happened. Today, there are three therapy methods being used by psychotherapists that help people enter a state of mind in which they have an afterlife communication. You can watch a video of this explanation: View the video

Grief Counseling with Induced After-Death Communications (IADC)

Allan Botkin, PsyD grief counseling for afterlife communication

Allan Botkin, PsyD

The first of the methods grief counselors use to reduce grief is called Induced After-Death Communication or IADC. The grief therapy method was developed by Dr. Allan Botkin, a grief counselor at the North Chicago Veterans Administration Facility. He learned how to use a psychotherapy method called eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) that is used with PTSD and trauma patients to help people have afterlife communications. The method is 96% successful. The client is put into a relaxed state and closes their eyes. The afterlife communication happens with the person in the afterlife. The grief therapist does nothing to influence what happens and learns about it only after the client opens their eyes and tells the psychotherapist about what happened. The grief therapy method and 84 cases are described in our book Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Grief and Trauma. This is one example of a client named Jim who had a successful IADC grief counselor procedure.
I was very close to Simon and his wife, Darlene. In my IADC with Dr. Botkin, I saw Simon and talked with him. I felt he was OK, but I was really hoping to have a message for Darlene. She was not doing well at all. Dr. Botkin took me into the IADC procedure again to have another after-death communication so I could ask Simon for a message for Darlene. But this time I only saw two hands, a broad, masculine hand over a feminine hand. I felt they were Simon’s and Darlene’s hands, but there was no message. I was really disappointed I didn’t have a message for Darlene but was really happy at the contact with his Simon. After my session with Dr. Botkin, I went to Darlene’s home. I told her I had about my communication with Simon while with Dr. Botkin. Then I said I was disappointed I didn’t have a message to give her from Simon. I said all I saw was Simon’s hand on top of her hand. She began to cry, smiling and nodding her head. She said to me, “Last night I had a dream. It was so clear it didn’t seem like a dream. I felt, really felt, Simon holding my hand. Jim, he did give you a message from him to me. He was saying that it really was him holding my hand last night.
Jim was put into a relaxed state in which the afterlife communication occurred all by itself, with no influence by the psychotherapist or by Jim. He was getting everything from Simon. The proof of that is that Simon showed Jim something Jim had no understanding of. It was a message for Darlene. Simon was alive and well living in the life after this life. He was able to visit his wife Darlene and hold her hand so fully that she actually felt it. He then showed it to Jim so Jim could tell Darlene it really was him. Simon lives on, just as you and I will live on after our bodies die. This psychotherapy procedure proves that. You can learn about the Induced After-Death Communication method at The book we wrote describing the procedure is Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Grief and Trauma.

Grief Therapist Counseling with Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy

Rochelle Wright, MA, LMHC

A Washington state-licensed grief counselor named Rochelle Wright improved on Dr. Botkin’s method. She was able to help 98% of her clients have afterlife communications. They reduced the client’s grief from high scores of 10 and 10 plus plus plus on a 10-point scale of disturbance to 0 to 3 points. The procedure is called Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy.

This is an example. A woman named Carole came to Rochelle because of her grief over her daughter Kate’s passing in a car accident. Rochelle used her procedure with Carole and Carole had a wonderful connection with her daughter.

Kate, Carole’s Daughter communicating from the dead

Kate, Carole’s Daughter

Carole also had a connection with the son named Martine of a woman who accompanied her to the grief therapy session. Martine was making odd gestures, like a monkey. After the successful session ended, Carole returned to the hotel room where her friend was waiting for her. She described her connection and Martine’s strange gestures. Carole’s friend then said that was something he did when he was clowning around with the family. Below is a video of Carole describing what happened as she sat in the grief counselor’s office.

Carole had a real, vivid encounter with her daughter who was living in the afterlife, even though her body had been killed in a car accident. She received a validation that it was her daughter and Martine who were coming to her.

You can learn about the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy procedure in the book we wrote titled Repair & Reattachment Grief Counseling. A list of trained grief therapists is at

Afterlife Communication with a Grief Counselor in Loving Hearts Connections

Jane Bissler grief therapist with afterlife communication

Jane Bissler, PhD., LMHC

Another grief counselor named Jane Bissler developed a method of helping people have their own afterlife communication experiences to connect with people for whom they are grieving. The method is over 90% successful. She helps the experiencer enter a state of relaxation in an Internet meeting so the person doesn’t have to meet with her. She teaches the experiencers how to enter the state of relaxation on their own after the session.

This is a report one of her experiencers gave about what happened to her.

There was a light.  I think William appeared shortly after that.  He looked so good. He was wearing a yellow Adidas t-shirt.  Then William showed me this big pink flower, and it was so weird it was like the flower was alive.  It was so fresh and moist. It was like the flower could breathe.  There was a lake and lily pads with more flowers and William said, “Lotus Land.”  He said the flower was a lotus. I never would have known this. Then off a bit to the left there was this amazing show of colors; it was Aurora Borealis.  It was not like the Aurora Borealis we have here in Alberta.  This was like Aurora Borealis cranked up like you have never seen! It was mind blowing and magical. The colors were like I could go in the colors.

William said he liked where he was. He missed and loved me.  He asked if I could come there.  He said there is every kind of ice cream there that you can imagine, even cherry chunks in vanilla which was his favorite.  He said our dog Hershey cannot yet see him in spirit.

Then he took me down a road.  It was like I was with him. I could see every pebble.  He took me to an old covered wagon.  There was a man sitting on the little wagon bench. He was older, had grey hair and a beard and was wearing one of those hats like they wear in the Australian outback. He was slim and had on a white shirt and brown pants with suspenders.  He did not say anything to me or acknowledge me.  The wagon I could see in such detail that I could see where the cloth of the covered part attached to the wagon part. I could see some loose threads.  The wagon was being pulled by two enormous beautiful black Clydesdale horses.  They were magnificent. I looked directly into their eyes and they looked back at me like they were an inch from my face.  I could feel their breath and the softness of their nostrils.  They had white fur on their legs down near their hooves. I could see the fur so clearly like little bits of dirt in the fur.  It was so clear. I cannot describe how clear this was it was just so amazing.

I think at this point I had almost forgot I was sitting in a chair. I was so engrossed in my surroundings. William said he liked riding in the back of the wagon.  Then at that point I could feel William was leaving. He said he would see me later and he loved me.

You can learn about trained grief therapists at

The woman had a real, vivid experience of her son William coming to her and giving her the experience of a flower with the name of a place she knew nothing about called Lotus Land. William was alive, well, and anxious to communicate.

Grief Counselor Experiences Are Proof of the Afterlife

These grief therapists have learned how to help their clients enter a state of mind in which they can have life-changing communication with their loved ones now living in the life after this life. They learn things they did not know that were validated. The communications are evidence their loved ones continue to live after their bodies have died. We also will continue to live when we leave our bodies behind like an old, tattered coat we no longer have use for.