What Happens When You Die?

Why do people die when they do? | Seek Reality

Why do people die when they do?

The life major events of the life you are living now were planned before you were born.

Your soul and your spirit guides planned two or three exit points into the afterlife that your higher consciousness can choose to take whenever it judges that you have gained as much spiritual growth as you can from challenges that you have planned into this lifetime. One such exit point is generally in youth; one is in middle age and often after some big life-lesson has been mastered; and one is in old age. The time of your death is chosen about a year before the death event. You won’t be aware on a conscious level that a choice has been made, but on a subconscious level you will begin to heal any personal rifts, perhaps make a will, and in various ways tidy up your life. When people attend a celebration of someone’s life, often they will hear mention of these tidying-up efforts that were made within the last year or so. Even “accidental” deaths are generally planned. And yes, an unplanned death is possible, but they are rare. If you find yourself outside your body and alone, simply call for help! People who have been in such situations tell us that help in the form of a tall and glowing being arrived at once, full of apologies, and escorted them straight home. It is possible to go off-track at death. As many as a quarter of people who are dying may wind up going off-track in various ways, although most of them are quickly rescued. Which is one reason why it is important for you to know what is supposed to happen at death! You can assume that every suicide is an unplanned death, and since you cannot kill or even lessen the awareness of your mind, for you to kill yourself will only make all your problems worse. Fair warning.

What Happens to You When You Die?

There are many planned ways to die. And some are neater than others. Among the easiest ways to die is a fatal auto crash, since you are out of your body and out of the vehicle before the impact happens, so you calmly watch it from above with your spirit guide right there for comfort. Many planned youthful deaths happen that way. On the other hand, cancers and other wasting illnesses can be slow and uncomfortable ways to die. But terminal illnesses can be wonderful life-lessons. And of course, our bodies resist dying until they are severely damaged or sufficiently weakened that they are no longer able to sustain life. But how ever we get there, if death is not instantaneous, the last few days before a planned death occurs are remarkably uniform. Although, of course, everything that we are saying here refers to planned deaths only! And we should add that, except for religious terrors, the death process itself is for most people a pleasant and generally almost pain-free process:

  • The first significant event in the death phase is a slight improvement in bodily condition. The dying person seems to rally, and perhaps takes a bit of food and drink. This is generally seen by doctors as a sign that death is just a day or two away. Often family members will be summoned to say their goodbyes.
  • At about that time, deathbed visitors will begin to appear. People who are soon to die are as clueless about what is coming next as are people who are soon to be born, but fortunately help is available to them. A few of the people they most love and trust who have passed before them will appear in the upper corners of the room about now, looking young and happy. Sometimes a childhood pet will be included. In the early part of the twentieth century, there often would be lavish displays in which whole walls would seem to disappear and reveal beautiful gardens with buildings in the distance, but modern drug regimens seem to have reduced what happens for many of us to just the arrival of spouses or parents, maybe a sibling, and perhaps a pet or two. Often the dying will mention the names of dead relatives. But just as often, the dying will simply stop talking to the living, and they will just lie staring at an upper corner of the room as they talk with their dead loved ones in their minds. These deathbed visitors perform a very important function. Once the dying person is free of his body, it will be his mother or her spouse or perhaps a childhood pet who will coax the dying person to leave the crowd around the bed right away and enter the next dimension.
  • There may be a period of terminal lucidity. It is surprisingly common for people who have been brain-damaged, comatose, or suffering from senile dementia to go through a period within those final twenty-four hours when briefly they are mentally almost normal. Sometimes they will wake up, even sit up, and speak with those around the bed. Given that these people had been mentally handicapped, and in some cases their brains are severely damaged, science has no explanation for this phenomenon. But we understand it! At this stage, the inner energy body, which is leaving, is separating from the material body, including the brain, all parts of which are in the process of dying. And once the energy body is clear of the damaged brain, the person who is leaving is able to function normally again.
  • The rest of the energy body begins to separate as well. As death proceeds, the inner energy body actively separates from the material body, beginning in the fingers and toes and progressing up the limbs and then up the body, in a process that feels like tiny threads breaking. This doesn’t hurt, although it does feel funny! The energy that is leaving gathers in the chest area and leaves the body through the chest wall, or through the top of the head.<em> This can sometimes be seen as what looks like a gray mist that rises rapidly from the body and seems to disappear. In fact, it simply rises in vibration beyond the ability of most living people to perceive it, and it forms into a human shape in the air. It is naked, but once the dying person notices that, he or she envisions clothing.
  • Reunions. Now is when a lot of things happen at once! Those deathbed visitors who had first appeared in the upper corners of the room come down and hug the dying person. There are some wonderful reunions!
  • The Silver Cord. And meanwhile, the silver energy cord that connects the energy body with the material body and has been keeping it alive starts to fray, and soon breaks. This is the moment of physical death. And the loved ones around the deathbed will react to that.

What Happens After You Die?

So, let’s say hypothetically that your material body has just died. Your loved ones around the bed are calling for the doctor and feeling for your material body’s pulse, and your instinct is to reassure them that your energy body has survived your material body’s death just fine. “Hey! Here I am!” But in fact, that is the worst thing you might do. If you try to interact with the living, you will lower your consciousness vibration and lose your ability to perceive the dead loved ones who have come to take you home, and that is the easiest way to make a new earthbound ghost. Your living loved ones can’t see you now anyway, so the smartest thing that you can do is to get out of there just as fast as you can. You will remember having read this article, so of course you are going to do just that! You, your mother, and your childhood dog soon find that you are entering a grayish fog. Your vibrations are rising rapidly now. Others have quietly joined you, too: your spirit guide, and perhaps more loved ones. And as you look back at your death scene, you see that the room and the people in it are looking vague and vapory. And then the earth realm fades away altogether. When you die awake and in good health in the United States, as the fog clears you will find yourself in one of the beautiful arrival gardens on the third level of the afterlife, called by some Summerland. The first thing that will strike you is how amazingly solid and earthlike it is. And how beautiful it is! There are gorgeous flowers taller than a man in colors never seen on earth because they are beyond the visible light spectrum. There are beautiful trees, fountains splashing, elegant buildings beyond, and in the distance are the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Birds chirp and squirrels play, and for the first time in many years you can hear no traffic at all, no ringing in your ears. You can hear no earth-sounds at all. You are in heaven! As you sink onto a stone bench with your spouse at last again by your side, your childhood cat jumps into your lap. You are home. You are safe. And you are at peace.

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