Discovering the Afterlife: What Happens When You Die?

The Great Unknown: Revealing What Happens When You Die

What Happens When You Die?

Your soul, spirit guides, and perhaps higher-order beings have planned exit points to the afterlife, perhaps two or three, that the planners of your life can choose from when you have gained enough spiritual growth from the challenges you have faced in this lifetime. One of these exit points is typically in youth, another in middle age, and the last one in old age, after mastering significant life-lessons. The exact timing of your death is chosen approximately a year before the event, though you won’t be consciously aware of this decision. However, subconsciously, you may begin to reconcile any personal disputes, create a will, and generally tidy up your life. At celebrations of a person’s life, you might hear about these final efforts made in the year before death. Even “accidental” deaths are usually planned. While it’s possible to have an unplanned death, it’s rare. If you find yourself outside your body and alone, calling for help is advised. People who have experienced such situations say that a tall, glowing being arrived promptly and escorted them home, apologizing for the inconvenience. It’s possible to deviate from the planned course at death, with as many as a quarter of dying people experiencing some deviation, though most are quickly rescued. This is why it’s vital to understand what occurs at death. Every suicide is an unplanned death, and since it’s impossible to kill or reduce your mind’s awareness, taking your own life will only exacerbate your problems. This is a fair warning.

What Happens to You When You Die?

There are different planned ways to pass away, and some are more peaceful than others. A fatal car crash is considered one of the easier ways to go, as the individual is out of their body and away from the vehicle before the impact, calmly observing from above with their spirit guide providing comfort. Many planned deaths of the youth occur in this manner. However, cancers and other wasting illnesses can be slow and uncomfortable ways to die. Nevertheless, terminal illnesses can provide valuable life lessons. The body typically resists death until it is severely damaged or weakened to the point of being unable to sustain life. Regardless of how death occurs, the last few days leading up to a planned death are typically consistent. It is essential to note that these descriptions apply only to planned deaths. It is also important to mention that the death process is generally pleasant and almost pain-free for most individuals, except for religious anxieties.


At the onset of the dying process, the bodily condition improves noticeably. The individual appears to rally and may even ingest a small amount of food or drink. Doctors often interpret this as a sign that death is imminent, and loved ones may be called upon to say their goodbyes. At this time, deathbed visitors begin to appear. Although those who are about to pass are unaware of what comes next, fortunately, help is available to them. In the upper corners of the room, several of their most beloved and trusted deceased relatives or pets will appear, looking young and happy. The deathbed visitors play a crucial role in persuading the dying person to leave the gathering around the bed and enter the next dimension once they are free of their physical body.

It is not uncommon for people who have experienced brain damage, coma, or senile dementia to have a period of terminal lucidity within the last 24 hours of life. During this time, they may briefly regain mental clarity and even sit up and converse with those around them. While science cannot explain this phenomenon, it is thought to occur because the inner energy body, which is departing, is separating from the physical body, including the dying brain. Once the energy body is free of the damaged brain, the individual who is passing can function normally again.


As the dying process continues, the remaining energy body begins to separate from the physical body. The separation begins with the toes and fingers and gradually moves up the limbs and body. It feels like small threads are breaking, although there is no pain associated with this process. The departing energy collects in the chest area and exits the body through either the chest wall or the top of the head. Sometimes, it can be seen as a gray mist rising quickly from the body before seemingly disappearing. In reality, the energy simply rises to a higher vibration that most living people cannot perceive, taking on a human shape in the air. The naked individual notices this and imagines themselves wearing clothes.


Reunions occur next, as those deathbed visitors who had first appeared in the upper corners of the room come down to embrace the dying person in some fantastic reunions. Meanwhile, the silver energy cord that links the energy body to the physical body and has kept it alive begins to fray and eventually breaks, marking the moment of physical death. The loved ones present will react to this.

Imagine your material body just died. Your loved ones around you are calling to the doctor, but you want to tell them you survived your body’s death. “Hey! Here I am!” But that is the worst thing you might do. When you try to interact with people in bodies, you will be focused on the earth plane and will lose your ability to see and accept loved ones who have come to go with you to your new home. That is the easiest way to make a new earthbound ghost. Your loved ones still in bodies are unable to see you, so the smartest thing that you can do is to get out of there just as fast as you can. You will remember having read this article, so of course you are going to do just that! 

You, your loved ones, and your childhood dog soon enter a grayish fog. Your vibration is rising rapidly now, with a feeling of comfort, warmth, and love. You see others with you now: spirit guides, and perhaps more loved ones. And as you look at the place where your body lies, you see that the room and the people in it are looking vague and vapory. Then the earth world fades away. When you die in good health, you will find yourself in one of the beautiful arrival gardens on the third level of the afterlife, called by some Summerland. 

The first thing that will strike you is how amazingly solid and earthlike it is. And how beautiful it is! There are gorgeous flowers taller than a man in colors never seen on earth because they are beyond the visible light spectrum. There are magnificent trees, splashing fountains, majestic buildings beyond, and in the distance are snow-capped mountains. Birds sing and squirrels frolic, and for the first time in many years you can hear no traffic at all, no ringing in your ears. You can hear no earth-sounds at all. You are in heaven! As you sink onto a comfortable bench with your spouse at last by your side, your childhood cat jumps into your lap. You are home. You are safe. And you are at peace.