Is It in the Soul’s Plan for a Person to Murder Someone or Commit Suicide?

Suzanne Giesemann best medium

The talented medium and channeler, Suzanne Giesemann, communicated with the group of elevated entities called Sanaya about whether murder and suicide are in the plan for a person’s life, the “soul plan.” She writes the following about suicide:

In my work, I have communicated with hundreds of people who passed by suicide. In every case, they validate their presence by sharing with me things I couldn’t have known, such as the exact manner of their death, what kind of work they did, and special memories that one could never find on Google. I feel their distinct personality quite clearly, and I’m able to share their essence in a way that leaves their family members saying, “That’s them!”

The most important thing I have learned about suicide is that those who took their own lives are not burning in hell. In more than 10 years of doing this healing work, every person who hastened their own death has shared with me that they were met with nothing but love.

In most cases, but not all, there is instant regret. In all cases, they are shown how their decision to leave Earth School early cut short the opportunities for their soul’s growth, and they feel the effects of their decision on those who love them.

To help process these insights and feelings, most souls who pass by suicide find themselves in a healing place with a soft blue light. They are ministered to by loving guides who specialize in this kind of situation.

Just like all souls who cross the veil, our loved ones do their best to send signs to those they left behind that they still exist. As they heal, they wish for their loved ones to forgive them and to find healing.

In the video that follows, Suzanne explains what she learned from Sanaya about murder and suicide.

Suzanne Giesemann best medium

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