Woman with Virtually No Brain Lives Normally ~ The Mind Is Not in the Brain

Sharon with hydrocephalus lives happily

Sharon – With severe hydrocephalus

A patient named Sharon had severe hydrocephalus, with virtually no brain tissue. However, in spite of that, she graduated from school, passing every examination she took, had more than average intelligence and was the only girl in the school to receive a graduate certificate in chemistry and only one of two girls to receive one in biology. Dr. Lorber reported that the portions of Sharon’s brain responsible for motor control, hearing, vision, registering sensations (hot, cold, touch), speaking, and understanding spoken words, and making rational judgments were completely missing. Yet she functioned at a higher than normal level in school and at her work.


In this video of Sharon, with severe hydrocephalus, you first see Sharon walking. Her mother then describes the parents’ reactions when told their newborn had hydrocephalus and would never function normally.

People with no brains live happily

Sharon’s Head X-Ray. Most Brain Is Absent

Dr. John Lorber, University of Sheffield
Description of Sharon with severe hydrocephalus

Sharon with hydrocephalus lives happily

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