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We can know about the afterlife

Latest knowledge about the afterlife

We’re making new discoveries about life in the afterlife and afterlife communication all the time and will share them with you. 

R. Craig Hogan expert on afterlife communication
Roberta Grimes | Author of Seven Books on the Afterlife and Spiritual Growth | Seek Reality

Time and Day of Online Events You Can Attend

Online lectures, seminars, and discussion groups led by acknowledged experts in the fields of the afterlife, nature of reality, spirituality, and afterlife communication.

Unborn babies who die go to heaven

Videos about Life in the Afterlife

You can watch videos with evidence of life after death, what happens at the transition, what life is like in the afterlife, what happens to people, and much more

You can have your own afterlife communication

Training in Afterlife Communication

Online training in afterlife communication through a course of study and new methods being discovered all the time.

Facts about the afterlife with Roberta Grimes

Blogs about the Afterlife, Spirituality

Notices about Roberta Grimes’ weekly blog with insights into the afterlife and how people can live with love, peace, and joy

Facts about the afterlife with Roberta Grimes

Blogtalk Radio Episodes

Notices about the latest interviews Roberta has with well-known people in the field of mind studies and afterlife.

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